Clime Plaster


  • The plaster can be applied directly to any stable substrate that is ready for decoration such as plasterboard or a plastered surface.
  • The product can be applied to Armourcoat-recommended substrates, which should be firm and true and will not crack.
  • Suitable for existing painted surfaces provided the paint is well-adhered to the wall and the surface has been primed with Armourcoat K40 Primer.


Made from natural, sustainable minerals with low embodied carbon, the plasters contain no cement or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and are available in a wide range of natural colours.

Extra strength and durability (for instance, for high traffic areas) can be achieved with the addition of Armourcoat R13 resin (a zero-VOC water-based acrylic resin). This will not change the look, colour or aesthetics of the material.

Features and benefits:

  • Non-toxic.
  • Absorbs toxins from the air.
  • Naturally breathable finish.
  • Helps to regulate humidity.
  • Ultraviolet resistant.
  • Seamless and durable.
  • Low embodied carbon energy.
  • Resistant to mould and mildew.
  • Wide range of finishes achievable.
  • Completely non-combustible (A1 reaction to fire classification, according to EN 13501-1:2018).
  • Can be recycled.

General information


Wide range of finishes achievable. Consult the manufacturer for further details.



Clay and hydraulic lime plaster

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_31_64_47 Lime plastersPrimary


M20/240 One coat proprietary plaster

M20/47 One coat proprietary plaster

Specification data - Lime plasters Enhanced data



Hydraulic lime.



Crushed limestone.

Recycled crushed marble.

Hemp fibres and hemp shiv.

The chopped woody core of the hemp plant.

Product Reference

Clime Plaster Matt

Clime Plaster Stone


CLM01 Clime White.

Clime Plaster Matt only.

CLM02 Sea Salt.

Clime Plaster Matt only.

CLM03 Venato Pink.

Clime Plaster Matt only.

CLM04 Portland.

Clime Plaster Matt only.

CLM05 Kaolin.

Clime Plaster Matt only.

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Environmental information

Country of product manufacture

United Kingdom

Embodied carbon



Can be recycled.


Recycled content

Uses recycled crushed marble.


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