Chrome Stair Edging


The Gradus range of chrome stair edgings offers a bright attractive finish for a contemporary, modern look. The chromed aluminium channels are available with a choice of slip-resistant inserts. For use in conjunction with floor coverings from all major manufacturers and suitable for light and medium traffic applications.

General information


Channel: Chrome-finished aluminium

Insert: PVC

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_90_31_74 Rigid stair nosingsPrimary


L30/10 Wood stairs

L30/590 Applied stair nosings

M50/75 Stair nosings and trims

M50/750 Stair nosings and trims

M51/550 Stair nosings and trims

Specification data - Rigid stair nosings

Product Reference

Chrome Stair Edging



Square profile, 5 mm gauge, 60 mm tread, 32 mm riser, single channel.


Raked back profile, 5 mm gauge, 60 mm tread, 32 mm riser, single channel.


Kinked face profile, 5 mm gauge, 66 mm tread, 41 mm riser, single channel.


Bullnose profile, 5 mm gauge, 57 mm tread, 40 mm riser, single channel.





For dry internal conditions.

Interior Grained

For dry internal conditions.


For internal areas where stairs may become wet.

Xtra-Grip Plus

For internal areas where health and safety is a particular issue.


Insert requirement from ‘Options’ below.

Side trim

Not applicable

For GC317 and GCR81.

Not required


Standard product features


  • Channel: Chrome-finished aluminium.
  • Insert: PVC.


Mechanical and adhesive fix: consult Gradus for further guidance.

Product Options

Insert colour:

Light reflectance value (LRV): Approved document M and BS 8300 require a difference of 30 points between adjacent surfaces. It is recommended that selection of colour is made from manufacturer's catalogues/ samples. LRV values are given for guidance.

- Interior:

Burgundy (LRV: 5.70), Buttercup (LRV: 55.54), Canvas (LRV: 53.27), Cloud (LRV: 28.57), Coffee (LRV: 6.05), Evergreen (LRV: 6.69), Glacier (LRV: 42.09), Ink (LRV: 4.96), Jet (LRV: 4.56), Lead (LRV: 12.77), Linen (LRV: 38.59), Midnight (LRV: 6.56), Ocean (LRV: 8.00), Photoluminescent (LRV: 57.59), Poppy (LRV: 10.39), Snowdrift (LRV: 83.77), Steel (LRV: 26.99).

- Interior Grained:

Black (LRV: 6.47), Brown (LRV: 12.13), Dove (LRV: 23.40), Granite (LRV: 13.44).

- Xtra-Grip insert:

Surf (LRV: 43.58), Onyx (LRV: 4.52), Neptune (LRV: 5.03), Frost (LRV: 66.51), Pumice (LRV: 46.83), Bamboo (LRV: 45.84), Quarry (LRV: 24.71), Graphite (LRV: 12.56), Umber (LRV: 5.71), Concrete (LRV: 37.44), Ochre (LRV: 49.97).

- Xtra-Grip Plus:

Sandstone (LRV: 46.83), Cliff (LRV: 24.71), Bark (LRV: 5.71), Calcite (LRV: 66.51), Dusk (LRV: 37.44), Mercury (LRV: 12.56), Air (LRV: 43.58), Shark (LRV: 5.03), Asphalt (LRV: 4.52), Citrine (LRV: 49.97), Prairie (LRV: 45.84).

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