Combination rail with a large surface area, primarily designed to offer direct and indirect protection against impact from wheeled traffic. The profile also has a comfortable grip and thumb groove to provide reassuring pedestrian support. Modular in design for easy installation and replacement in the event of damage, the CHR160 combination rail includes a PVC-U cover, aluminium retainer and PVC-U injection-moulded accessories. Accessories include reveals to provide a tight, neat joint and contain an anti-microbial additive to inhibit the growth of bacteria. All PVC-U covers and accessories are non-reflective, through-coloured and textured to conceal the effects of impact and abrasion.

The CHR160 Combination Rail can be selected in a contrasting colour to the wall finish to aid movement around a building for visually impaired people, in line with BS 8300 and Building Regulations (E&W) Approved Document M.

General information


PVC-U cover with aluminium retainer

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_30_36_03 Aluminium handrailsPrimary


L30/580 Proprietary handrails

L30/70 Proprietary handrails

N10/184 Wall rails

P20/170 Proprietary

P20/55 Proprietary

Specification data - Aluminium handrails

Product Reference



Insert requirement from 'Options' below.




Universal corner.


Mounting bracket (supplied in colour 002 Gravel).


Left return.


Right return.

Standard product features

Size (h x d x l):

160 x 94 x 4000 mm.


PVC-U cover with aluminium retainer.

Handrail grip diameter:

38 mm.


Mechanical (screw) fixed.

Product Options


001 Chalk (LRV: 87.51), 002 Gravel (LRV: 53.71), 003 Clay (LRV: 33.86), 004 Granite (LRV: 24.07), 005 Shale (LRV: 17.88), 006 Ivory (LRV: 81.98), 007 Wicker (LRV: 70.36), 008 Sand (LRV: 52.26), 009 Sienna (LRV: 26.67), 010 Bark (LRV: 16.61), 011 Pebble (LRV: 59.08), 013 Greige (LRV: 38.97), 014 Cinnamon (LRV: 42.30), 015 Lavender Grey (LRV: 37.18), 016 Glacier (LRV: 59.27), 017 Bluebell (LRV: 36.50), 018 Azure (LRV: 45.14), 019 Ultramarine (LRV: 27.39), 020 Denim (LRV: 16.91), 021 Straw (LRV: 75.21), 022 Apricot (LRV: 60.68), 023 Meadow (LRV: 54.63), 024 Bamboo (LRV: 54.74), 025 Emerald (LRV: 29.53), 027 Melon (LRV: 38.00), 028 Poppy (LRV: 16.31), 029 Garnet (LRV: 10.43), 030 Iris (LRV: 18.61), 031 Alum (LRV: 71.91), 032 Flint (LRV: 43.70), 033 Slate (LRV: 7.03), 035 Hessian (LRV: 35.79).

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