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A contemporary linear paving range designed to be a key visual component in achieving an attractive modern urban development, creating a distinctive and inviting external environment.


  • Ideally suited for the modern urban environment, the elongated proportions of the linear paving create a striking visual impact enabling the desired effect for the creation of space, making impressive perspectives possible.
  • Incorporating a rich palette of modern granite aggregates that have a clean crisp colour, benefiting from precision manufacturing to produce a smooth surface finish and a good slip/ skid performing paving unit.
  • Presented in three distinctive colours harmonizing the modern urban development, complementing the form and structure of the building it surrounds enabling the creation of a single space.
  • Using modern manufacturing methods, Celestia is finished with a straight chamfered edge to alleviate chipping during both installation and transit to create smooth clean lines for an uncluttered modern look.
  • Suitable for use in pedestrian and occasional traffic applications (300 x 300 and 600 x 600 mm plan sizes).
  • Typical applications: Civil, retail, housing and commercial.
  • Product compliant to BS EN 1339: 2003.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_93_60_16 Concrete flagsPrimary


Q25/31 Concrete flag paving

Q25/315 Concrete flags

Specification data - Concrete flags

Product Reference

Celestia FL255040

300 x 300 mm. Colour: Luna.

Celestia FL255440

300 x 300 mm. Colour: Nebula.

Celestia FL255240

300 x 300 mm. Colour: Suriya.

Celestia FL255030

600 x 200 mm. Colour: Luna.

Celestia FL255430

600 x 200 mm. Colour: Nebula.

Celestia FL255230

600 x 200 mm. Colour: Suriya.

Celestia FL255020

600 x 600 mm. Colour: Luna.

Celestia FL255420

600 x 600 mm. Colour: Nebula.

Celestia FL255220

600 x 600 mm. Colour: Suriya.

Celestia FL255010

900 x 300 mm. Colour: Luna.

Celestia FL255410

900 x 300 mm. Colour: Nebula.

Celestia FL255210

900 x 300 mm. Colour: Suriya.

Standard product features


63 mm, except for 900 x 300 mm units which are 65 mm thick.



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