Cavicloaks and Cavilengths

A wide range of standard, preformed, modular, self-supporting moulded, DPC cavity wall cloaks, with the option of custom made items; shaped to fit construction details at corners, columns, steps and angles, Cavicloaks and Cavilengths to be incorporated, lapped and joints sealed in cavity walls to form a continuous protective shaped damp-proof course (DPC).

Cavicloaks can be linked to Cavity Trays Ltd Sitesealer membranes.

General information


Black, solid polypropylene preformed A1 DPC. Securtex surface finish. Base thickness 1.5 mm

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_57_21_66 Preformed cavity traysPrimary


F30/380 Junction cloaks/ stop ends for preformed dpcs/ cavity trays

F30/385 Junction cloaks/ stop ends for preformed dpcs/ cavity trays

F30/58 Preformed dpc/ cavity tray junction cloaks/ stop ends

Specification data - Preformed cavity trays

Product Reference

Cavicloaks and Cavilengths


As on drawing

Cavity width

___ mm

State actual cavity width - available to suit all dimensions.

Dpc thickness

1.5 mm

Standard thickness.

___ mm

Upstand vertical rise

150 mm

225 mm

___ mm

State requirement - available to suit all rise dimensions.

Inner skin returns

Not required



In excess of 500 designs plus bespoke options.

Stop ends




As shown on drawing ___

Column cloaks

Cavibak CC/C/090




Corner CC/CEC/0240

As shown on drawing ___

Angle cloaks

External CC/EC/010

External CC/EC/0380

External CC/EC/0390

Internal CC/IC/0320

Internal CC/IC/0370

Radon external CC/RAD/EC/0260

Radon internal CC/RAD/IC/0250

As shown on drawing ___

Step down/ level change cloaks

Change of level/ change of direction CC/SLIC/060

Level change/ external corner CC/S/0110

Step down (large) CC/LC/0340

150–600 mm high.

Step down (small) CC/LC/080

As shown on drawing ___

Change of profile


Change of profile/ change of direction/ change of level CC/CLCP/IC/0270

Frame CC/FC0420

As shown on drawing ___

Sill/ threshold cloaks

Threshold CC/S/060

Window Sill tray (dependent on size) CC/UC/0350

As shown on drawing ___

Windpost cloaks





As shown on drawing ___

Other cloaks

Cloak around vertical vent sleeve CC/CS/0440 CC/CS/050

Cloak over vent CC/SCC/0330

Party Wall link CC/PWL/0220

Type C/P with pipe projecting through cloak CC/CP/0360

As shown on drawing ___

Standard product features


Black, solid polypropylene preformed A1 DPC. Securtex surface finish. Base thickness 1.5 mm.

Product Options

Property properties:

Delete items that do not apply.

Inner skin return:

Cavicloak and Cavilengths are self-supporting and do not rely on building into the inner skin. However, an inner skin return option is available, on request. State option required.

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