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A lightweight ceiling system available in concealed or exposed grid options. A range of decorative effects are possible by selecting the desired tile/ board edge profile and finish.

Suitable for installation in the following sectors: Office, commercial, educational, residential, healthcare, leisure and industrial.

CasoLine Quick-Lock grid and Gyprex Satinspar tiles will achieve a 30 minute fire rating to BS 476-23 when used with the quick hanger.

General information
Specification data
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CasoLine Quick-Lock Suspended Ceiling Grid


CasoLine Quick-Lock Island/ Raft

CasoLine Quick-Lock Plank

CasoLine Quick-Lock T15

CasoLine Quick-Lock T24

CasoLine Quick-Lock T24 D1

For Gyptone D1 tiles which have metal strips factory bonded to the rear of the tile along two edges.


Not required

CasoLine Quick-Lock Plank.

Quick hanger

Drops between 90 mm to 2300 mm.

Standard suspension wire

Supplied by others.


CLSM04 Shadowline moulding

CU 76 300 Island/ raft corner unit

CU 76 600 Island/ raft corner unit

EPU 2400 Island/ raft edge profile

CLSM03 Shadowline Moulding

EPU 600 Island/ raft edge profile

EPU1200 Island/ raft edge profile

EPU1800 Island/ raft edge profile

IS ICU 76 300 Island/ raft corner unit

WA02 Wall angle

19 x 24 x 3000 mm.

WA03 Wall angle

24 x 24 x 3000 mm.

Standard product features


  • Material: Steel.
  • Finish: Galvanized.
  • Cap: Aluminium, white polyester finish Snow White (RAL 9016).

Product Options

Grid type:

– For Gyprex and Gyptone tiles via modular free handing ceiling island/ raft:

  • IS EPU76-600/1200/1800/2400 Island edge profile, island corner unit, 15PT1200 Main 'T', IS ST1200/1800/2400/3000 and T24/38 Cross Tees.

– For Gyptone ceiling planks (boards):

  • Ideal solution for corridors where quick access into the plenum is required: CLT15P01/02/03 Main 'T' and CLSM04 shadowline moulding.

– For Gyptone plank edge A and E15 tiles:

  • T15 exposed metal grid fixing system: T15/38 Main ‘T’ and T15/38 Cross 'T'. Use WA02 wall angle.

– For Gyprex Satinspar, Bio or Gyptone edge A tiles:

  • T15 exposed metal grid fixing system: T15/38 Main ‘T’ and T15/38 Cross 'T'. Use WA02 wall angle.
  • T24 exposed metal grid fixing system: T24/38 Main 'T' and T24/38 Cross 'T'. Use WA03 wall angle.

– For concealed/ demountable edge Gyptone D1 edge tiles:

  • T24 D1 concealed grid system: interlocking T24/38 Main ‘T’ and T24D1 Cross ‘T’.