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Canterra Flags

Canterra Flags


Paving flags with a closed face, velvet-like feel and embossed surface.

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Suitable for pathways and pedestrian walkways in conservation areas and traditional architectural schemes, as well as in domestic and internal applications.


Paving flags with a closed face, a velvet-like feel and embossed surface which provides a close match for natural stone such as Caithness or bush-hammered granite.

Manufactured from locally sourced aggregates, the brushed semi-sheen appearance is the result of a curling process which makes the product easier to clean and maintain than traditional flagstones.

Further details such as abrasion resistance, bending strength, water absorption class etc. are available upon request from the manufacturer.


A range of kerb sets are available which complement Canterra Flags.

General information


Subtly embossed, curled granite, closed-face.



400 x 400 mm

600 x 400 mm


Pr_25_93_60_16 Concrete flagsPrimary


Q25/31 Concrete flag paving system

Q25/315 Concrete flags

Specification data - Concrete flags Enhanced data


CE marked; Certificate 03/1-7-13, attestation Level 4 CPR (2011) Annex V.


Manufactured to BS EN 1339.

  • Surface layer: Durable and hard wearing with a minimum surface layer of 8 mm. Minimum cement content 380 kg/m³.
  • Granite content: Not less than 60% natural granite and quartz aggregate in surface layer.
  • Efflorescence: State-of-the-art factory controlled vapour curing significantly reduces this naturally occurring chemical reaction.
  • Bending strength: >3.5 MPa. This pressure applies to all sizes and depths. For specific force performance on a given size or depth please contact AG's Technical Specification Department.
  • Slip/ kid resistance: (PTV) >36 low potential for slip. Specific slip/ skid resistance test results are available on request from AG's Technical Specification Department.

BS EN 1339.

Physical properties







Subtly embossed.

Curled granite.


Dimensions and associated tolerances


Nominal sizes

Thickness: 40 mm.

400 x 400 mm.

600 x 400 mm.

Product Reference

Canterra Flags

Jointing Sand


For Sandstone colour.

Silver Granite.

For Slate and Grey colours.

Environmental information

Embodied carbon

  • Carbon footprint: AG have a new state-of-the-art washing plant which enables AG to produce paving from 100% recycled waste aggregate.
  • BREEAM rating: A Rating – according to the Green Guide to Specification 4th edition 2009. A+ Rating can be achieved when used in conjunction with a prepared recycled sub-base.



  • Energy use: 100% renewable energy.
  • Water used: 100% recycled water.
  • Recyclability: 100% of this product can be recycled.
  • Manufacturing location: Produced in the UK using responsibly sourced materials.
  • Waste wood and plastic: 100% recycled.


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