Ready to use, through-coloured, hydrated lime-based decorative top coat render for applying to new or existing base coat renders.


  • 100% hydrated lime.
  • Speciality product for professionals.
  • Warm lime decor finishes.
  • Only the use of clean water is required.
  • Does not contain cement.
  • Pack size: 30 kg bag.

Suitable for:

  • Heritage restoration applications.
  • Traditional coatings.
  • For finish coatings on elaborate decorative facades.
  • Mortars conforming to Technical Specification or British Standard at certification.

Unsuitable for:

  • All painted substrates.
  • All acrylic or potassium silicate coatings.
  • External thermal insulation systems.
  • Plaster-lime coatings such as Parilien and Parilien Fin.

General information


Cut using a trowel

Felt pad

Float smoothed

Smoothed/ spatula

Venetian style

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_31_64_48 Lime rendersPrimary


M20/160 Proprietary cement gauged render

M20/310 Lime:sand

M20/330 Proprietary lime:sand

Specification data - Lime renders

Product Reference



Dependent upon substrate and application - refer to product data sheet.


Cut using a trowel

Felt pad

Float smoothed

Smoothed/ spatula

Venetian style


Range of 48 standard colours are available - insert requirement.

Standard product features


  • Binder: 100% hydrated lime powder, CL 90 (BS EN 459-1).
  • No hydraulic lime or pozzalanic addition.
  • Siliceous and calcareous sand.
  • Particle size curve: All through 1.25 mm sieve, 80% through 0.4 mm sieve.
  • Organic additives below 1.5%.
  • Mineral pigments.


  • Flexible, low modulus of elasticity: 2500 MPa.
  • Compression strength: 1.8 MPa.
  • Apparent density: 1400 kg/m³.

Product preparation:

Water ratio: 7–7.5 L per 30 kg bag.

Product Options


Contact manufacturer for colour samples. Dark colours with a solar absorption co-efficient over 0.7 are more sensitive to colour alteration, efflorescent, lime bloom and to climatic constraints. It is recommended to use the same batch to ensure colour consistency.

Third party certifications
  • Patrimoine Heritage Partnership Circle : Checked by the Patrimoine Heritage Partnership Circle during research programme
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