c-lever pro

Suitable for outside and security doors (burglary resistant and weather protection) including access points to commercial or administration buildings, retirement homes, hospitals, universities or any area worth protecting, like server rooms or storage facilities.


The new electronic c-lever pro door furniture offers a sophisticated design combined with a wide range of functions.

Features and benefits:

  • Door monitoring with the wireless function.
  • TouchGo function: hands-free, the transponder is portable and carried in-person.
  • Supports mobile access: receive access rights on any smartphone using the dormakaba app.
  • You can operate the door easily: whether it’s with a card, key fob, a key with RFID or a smartphone – the green signal of the digital lighting unit will appear after presenting the access medium, the door can also be opened with the lever handle as usual.
  • Easy to install: installation is carried out indoors or in outside areas protected against weather directly on doors made of wood, plastic or metal. The standalone operation needs no wiring.

The device software supports all dormakaba system solutions and its functions also include:

  • Number of access media: - with whitelist up to 4,000 - with CardLink practically unlimited.
  • Internal clock and configurable time profiles.
  • Time-limited assignment of access rights (validation).
  • Saving of last 2,000 events (can be disabled).

For outside doors or doors with increased security requirements, the c-lever pro not only offers burglary and fire protection but also provides solutions for emergency exits and escape routes. Thehigh-quality materials meet the most demanding requirements in relation to robustness, weather resistance and security.

Control access precisely for an almost unlimited number of users according to specific places and time periods. Set access rights and change them quickly and flexibly, in standalone, remote or online mode. Furthermore, access rights can be granted to smartphones so that they may be used as access media at the door.

The product supports the latest RFID technologies and is available with the wireless function: access rights are transmitted from any PC to the door components, wirelessly and in real-time. This offers enormous advantages in terms of security, convenience, programming and maintenance.

The TouchGo option allows for keyless entry. The door furniture detects whether the user carries a valid transponder on their person and if so, allows the door to be opened.

Scalable application

The c-lever pro is suitable for single doors but also as part of a large-scale master key system. The following programming options are available:

- Authorisation in the component:

  • Manually with the programming card.
  • Using the system software and transfer of access rights via programming device.
  • conveniently from any desk via the wireless function.

- Authorisations on the access medium – programming of the door components on site is not necessary.

Optionally available with:

  • CardLink.
  • AoC (Access on Card).
  • OSS-SO (Open Security Standards – Standard Offline).
  • Mobile Access: Access using a smartphone via Bluetooth (BLE) or Near Field Communication (NFC).


  • Building hardware: EN 1906, application class 4.
  • Fire safety: DIN 18273 (tested as per EN 1634-1).
  • Emergency exit: EN 179 (in combination with appropriate lever handles and locks).
  • Panic doors: EN 1125 (in conjunction with approved panic push bars).
  • CE marked.


Suitable for outside and security doors (burglary resistant and weather protection) including access points to commercial or administration buildings, retirement homes, hospitals, universities or any area worth protecting, like server rooms or storage facilities.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_36_08_84 Special function door locks


P21/26 Special function door locks

P21/530 Special function door locks

Specification data - Special function door locks

Product Reference

c-lever pro, standard version Type 2621 (narrow)

39.8 x 298 x 21 mm.

c-lever pro, standard version Type 2622 (wide)

53.6 x 298 x 21 mm.

Cover colour




Australian oval



Swiss round

Other requirements


Door handle contact

Door monitoring


Mobile Access




Standard product features

Technical characteristics:

  • Minimum backset 35 mm, 25 mm with offset lever handles.
  • Power supply: Two batteries 1.5 V AA L91, FR6 or via the S module. For TouchGo, together with filter box.
  • Temperature: -25°C to +70°C.
  • Protection class: IP54.
  • Humidity: 0–95 %, non-condensing.
  • Battery life at 20°C: up to 150,000 cycles or up to 3 years.
  • Media technology (RFID): LEGIC (advant and prime) and MIFARE (DESFire and classic).
  • Climate: Unsuitable for use in highly corrosive atmospheres (chlorine, ammonia). Not to be used in potentially explosive environments.
  • Lever handle and cover: Stainless steel
  • Frame: Zinc.
  • Antenna cover: Synthetic material.
  • Ingress protection: External IP55. Internal IP40.

Product Options

Other requirements:

  • Button option: functions which require the button: Pass mode, pass-lock, escape return, closing the room from the inside with the button.
  • Door handle contact option: the door handle contact is used to monitor the inside lever handle. The door handle contact is installed in the internal fitting. Functions which require the door handle contact: Escape return and door monitoring including door handle contact.
  • Door monitoring option: door monitoring is carried out via the connection board.
  • Mobile access applications: in mobile access applications, a mobile device is used to gain access. The lock/door can be opened manually with the access authorisation. Access authorisation is given both optically and acoustically.
  • s-module: the behaviour of the device can be changed by means of the contact connected to the input of the S-module. The contact overrides the authorizations and activates the behaviour defined in the system software. The S-module has a connection for an external power supply to supply the device.
  • TouchGo option: allows you to unlock doors without having to hold a key or user medium. Touching the door handle by hand will enable the fitting to detect whether the individual is carrying an authorised user media. Following identification of an authorised medium, the door can be opened manually. The access authorisation is signalled visually but also acoustically if this option is required.

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