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Bus Stop Kerb and Channel

Marshalls Bus Stop Kerb helps overcome the problems associated with height variance between the pedestrian pavement and the different entrance levels of public transport vehicles. Bus Stop Kerb offers the unique benefit of variable kerb height, providing improved access for passengers entering or leaving the vehicle.

The two piece unit comprises a smooth angled face kerb in conjunction with a castellated rumble strip channel. This provides drivers with a tactile indication of the proximity of the kerb face, allowing accurate positioning of the vehicle relative to the kerb face and reducing the likelihood of the bus tyres rubbing against the kerb.

General information


Hydraulically pressed precast concrete


530 x 380 x 1000 mm

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_93_45_18 Concrete kerbsPrimary


Q10/10 Precast concrete

Q10/110 Proprietary precast concrete

Specification data - Concrete kerbs

Product Reference

Bus Stop Kerb and Channel

Special shapes

LH drop kerbs (bus stop kerb to half battered)

RH drop kerbs (bus stop kerb to half battered)

External radius kerb unit

Standard product features


Hydraulically pressed precast concrete.


530 x 380 x 1000 mm.

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