BST/ FBST Comfort Line Automatic Curved Sliding Doors

Curved sliding doors manufactured, to order, as concave and convex versions, and used in half circle (180°) and full circle (360°) configurations.

FBST Comfort Line automatic curved sliding doors can be supplied with a redundant operator, an additional control unit for safety purposes, and a special radar motion detector, making them suitable for use on emergency exits and escape routes.

Specification data

Product Reference

BST Comfort Line

FBST Comfort Line


Half circle

180°; one set of symmetrical doors.

Full circle

360°; two sets of symmetrical doors.


1000 mm

Clear passage width 1235 mm; BST only.

1200 mm

Clear passage width 1519 mm; BST only.

1300 mm

Clear passage width 1660 mm.

1400 mm

Clear passage width 1802 mm.

1500 mm

Clear passage width 1943 mm.

1600 mm

Clear passage width 2085 mm.

Passage height

2200 mm

2500 mm

Canopy height extension

___ mm

260–500 mm.

Profiles and glazing

Fine-frame profile system with 8 mm ESG

Fine-frame profile system with 8.76 mm VSG


Ceiling aperture for downlights

Downlights by others.

Electro-mechanical locking device

Emergency Off pushbutton

For BST only.

Emergency Opening pushbutton

For FBST only.

Fail-safe via emergency power supply unit

Supplied as standard on FBST.

Floor guide rail, flush-mounted, with floor ring

Compulsory for clear passage widths > 1500 mm.

Floor guide rail, surface-mounted, with floor ring

Floor guide rail, surface-mounted, without floor ring

Floor mat, Arwei

Floor mat, Emco

Halogen spot, 20 W, including ceiling aperture and accessories

Lateral façade connection glass/ panel board

Monitored rechargeable battery pack

Supplied as standard on FBST.

Program switch

Consult DORMA for options and recommendations.

Radar motion detector, external

Radar motion detector, internal

Straight panel board for top façade connection

Standard product features

Installation width:

(2 x radius) + 100 mm, e.g. 2500 mm for 1200 mm radius configuration.

Canopy height:

260 mm.

Canopy height extension:

Delete clause item if not applicable.

Power parameters:

  • Supply voltage/ frequency: 230 V/ 50–60 Hz.
  • External power supply: 27 V DC/ 2 A.
  • Power consumption, maximum/ average: 250 W/ 30 W.

Operator and control unit parameters:

  • Operator – For BST: ES 200; for FBST: ES 200 2D.
  • Microprocessor control unit; self-learning, self-testing.
  • Obstruction self-recognition; automatic reversing cycle on obstruction contact.

Adjustable parameters:

  • Opening speed per panel: 100–750 mm/s.
  • Closing speed per panel: 100–500 mm/s.
  • Low (creep) speed per panel: 30–90 mm/s.
  • Opening and closing force: Adjustable.
  • Maximum force on contact with obstacle: 150 N.

Programme modes:

  • Off – FBST only.
  • Automatic.
  • Exit only.
  • Permanent open.
  • Partial open, exit only.
  • Night/ Bank function.

Product Options

Passage height:

Other dimensions available on request.

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