Brick Slip Feature Lintels

Brick Slip Feature Lintels

IG Lintels Third party certifications:
  • BBA Agrément Certificate

    BBA Agrément Certificate

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  • QA Certificate

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Brick Slip Feature Lintels combine the use of complex brickwork detailing with structural lintels, produced off-site in a controlled factory environment.

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Suitable for both domestic and commercial applications.


IG'S Brick Slip Feature Lintels are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, enabling the builder to achieve even the most challenging of architectural designs.

The patented IG perforated steel plate allows the brick adhesive to pass through and form a mechanical bond between the brick and the steel lintel.

IG receives a consignment of the brick being used on site. This brick is then tailored to suit the client's design and fixed to IG's galvanized and powder coated structural steel elements. The finished Brick Slip Feature Lintel joins seamlessly with the surrounding brickwork. Every Brick Slip Feature Lintel is manufactured bespoke to order, ensuring that each individual unit is customized according to the unique size, shape, and aesthetic requirements of the project.

IG uses a specialist high performance adhesive which is designed primarily for the decorative brick industry and has been extensively tested and achieved BBA approval.

The lintels are produced off-site in a factory environment which ensures that the bonding process occurs in optimum controlled conditions free from wet weather, extreme temperature and excessive dust.

Features and benefits:

  • Customizable.
  • Arches of up to 12 m span can be manufactured, therefore eliminating the brick cutting process on site.
  • Precision cut bricks.
  • Load bearing lintel.
  • Lightweight for fast build programmes.
  • Optional brick clad soffit.
  • Optional centre stone feature.
  • Optional insulation.


Suitable for both domestic and commercial applications.

General information

Uniclass 2015

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F30/755 Prefabricated steel lintels

F30/85 Prefabricated steel lintels

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Product Reference

Brick Slip Feature Lintel


Apex Arch Brick Slip Feature Lintel

Flat Arch Brick Slip Feature Lintel

Full Bullseye Arch Brick Slip Feature Lintel

Gothic Arch Brick Slip Feature Lintel

Parabolic Arch Brick Slip Feature Lintel

Segmental Arch Brick Slip Feature Lintel


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Third party certifications

  • Certificate: 15/5250 : For Brick Slip Lintels and 12/4893 for high performance adhesive
  • Lucideon Building technology: Certificate: Test report Number 131830 & SW238/02 : Independent testing carried out by Lucideon has verified that in destructive testing there were no failures in the steel/adhesive interface

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