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Bottle Filler / Drinking Fountain Bi-Level Combination Unit - Halsey Taylor HTHB-HAC8BLSS-WF

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MIW Water Cooler Experts

Wall mounted combination HydroBoost bottle filler and bi-level water cooler.

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Suitable for schools, shopping centres and hospitals, or any other high footfall indoor location.


Wall mounted combination HydroBoost bottle filler and bi-level water cooler. Filtered and refrigerated.

The combination unit is fast, efficient and easy to use, making it suitable for practically any indoor location. With twin bi-level bubblers, the drinking fountain can be comfortably used by both wheelchair users and standing users - completely negating all forms of potential discrimination while ensuring that the equipment is accessed by the highest possible number of users.

The unit has a touchless, sensor-activated bottle filler. This reduces the potential for cross contamination, while also making the unit far more accessible for users who need a hand free for other things. An automatic 20-second shut-off timer and laminar flow enables the bottle filler to cleanly refill without risk of waste or spillage, enhancing the user experience while reducing potential overheads.

For those wishing to access the drinking fountain rather than the bottle filler, the unit is fitted with the Double Bubbler™, projecting two separate water streams that converge to form a fuller drink. It is fitted with a 3000-gallon filter, certified to NSF 42 and 53 for lead, Class 1 particulate, chlorine, taste and odour reduction, ensuring that the best quality water is delivered at all times. The filter is capable of processing 1.1 gallons of water per minute - suitable for high traffic areas. And an in-built visual filter monitor with LED filter status indicator, makes tracking the need for filter change easy.

To streamline the maintenance requirements of the unit, it is fitted with a real drain system to eliminate standing water and the potential hazards that poses. Silver ion antimicrobial protection on key plastic components inhibits the growth of mould and mildew, enhancing the durability of the equipment. It includes an integral Green Counter™, which allows all users to see just how many 20 oz. plastic water bottles have been saved from waste using the refill station.

Features and benefits:

  • Mechanically activated bubbler continues to supply water in event of service disruptions.
  • Touchless, sensor-activation, designed for easy use.
  • Visual Filter Monitor: LED Filter Status Indicator for when filter change is necessary.
  • Green Counter™: Informs user of number of 20 oz. plastic water bottles saved from waste.
  • Laminar flow provides clean fill with minimal splash.
  • Silver ion antimicrobial protection on key plastic components to inhibit the growth of mould and mildew.
  • Real drain system eliminates standing water.
  • Exclusive Double Bubbler™ which projects two separate streams that converge to form a fuller, more satisfying drink.
  • WRAS and BREEAM approved, and Greenspec® listed.
  • Manufacturer provides a five-year limited warranty on any refrigeration systems; one-year warranty on electrical components and water system.


Suitable for schools, shopping centres and hospitals, or any other high footfall indoor location.

General information

Stainless steel

Uniclass 2015
Water coolers (Pr_40_70_15_96)Primary
Specification data - Water coolers
Product Reference

Halsey Taylor HTHB-HAC8BLSS-WF

Waste options

10 L waste container

McAlpine 32 mm drain

Waste water pump




Power block.


WaterSentry® Plus replacement filter (bottle fillers).


Cane apron (stainless steel).


In wall carrier (bi-level).

Standard product features

Size (h x w x d):

921 x 460 x 1175 mm.


50 kg.


Stainless steel.


Wall mounted. Wall security brackets included.

Water temperature:



42 L/hour.

Cooling system:

Advanced pressure cooler.


Double Bubbler™.


Electronic bottle filler sensor with electronic front and side bubbler push bar.

Rated power input:

370 W.

Nominal voltage:

230 V (50 Hz).

Third party certifications
  • WRAS: Certificate: 1707084 - Approved
  • GreenSpec: Listed
  • BREEAM: Approved
  • UL: Certificate: 399 - Approved
  • WQA: Certificate: NSF/ANSI 42, 53, 61, 372 - Approved
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