Bonding Gutters


Dry bonding gutter designed for tiled pitched roofs to weatherproof the junction between two different roof coverings. It is manufactured from glass-fibre/ polyester (GRP) laminates in a continuous process to two profiles.

Bonding Gutter (High Profile) - 9578:

  • 100 mm central upstand.
  • Compatible with all the low profile tiles above and double lapped plain tiles including Redland Plain Tile, Heathland, Rosemary Clay, profiled interlocking tiles including all Redland Profile Range tiles (Hollander Clay Pantile, Old Hollow Clay Pantile, Landmark Double Pantile, Landmark Double Roman, Grovebury, 50 Double Roman, Regent, Renown, Norfolk Pantile, 49 Tile), and metal profiled sheet.

Bonding Gutter (Low Profile) - 9580:

  • 70 mm central upstand.
  • Compatible with double lapped natural slates and fibre-cement slates, flat interlocking tiles including all Redland Slate Range tiles (Cambrian Slate, Landmark Slate 10, Richmond 10, Saxon 10, MockBond Richmond 10, Mini Stonewold, MockBond Mini Stonewold and Redland DuoPlain.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_90_93_27 Dry fixing abutmentsPrimary


H60/870 Sundry accessories

H65/870 Sundry accessories

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Specification data - Dry fixing abutments

Product Reference

Bonding Gutter (High Profile) - 9578

Bonding Gutter (Low Profile) - 9580

Standard product features


Lead grey.

Size (w x l):

210 x 3000 mm.