Bona Pure is a hard elastic finish that serves as a long-term surface protection for heavy-trafficked industrial and commercial areas, restoring its appearance while simplifying routine maintenance. It consists of a waterborne, clear and non-yellowing formula.

Features and benefits:

  • Good resistance to disinfectants.
  • Safe and easy application.
  • Ultra-quick drying for minimal downtime. Back on the floor in 12 hours.
  • Good levelling properties.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_31_22_18 Concrete floor paintsPrimary


M60/180 Floor coating

Specification data - Concrete floor paints

Product Reference

Bona Pure

Standard product features

Technical characteristics:

  • Type of coating: two-component, waterborne polyurethane topcoat.
  • Solids content: approximately 45%.
  • VOC: <1%.
  • Sheen (at 60°): 8%.
  • Mixing ratio: one-part Bona Pure Hardener to ten parts Bona Pure.
  • Pot life: two hours at 20°C, maximum (shorter if warmer).
  • Drying time: two to four hours between coats.
  • Dilution: do not dilute.
  • Application tools: Bona Microfiber Roller (11 mm pile).
  • Application rate: 8–10 m²/L (120–100 g/m²) per coat.

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