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BLS 20 Boughton Screened - Natural Topsoil, Single Source

Boughton Loam

Sandy clay loam topsoil, that is suitable for general landscaping purposes, trees, shrubs, amenity grass.

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Suitable for general landscaping applications, trees, shrubs, perennials, grasses, climbers and hedging.


Composed of re-purposed, single source, screened natural topsoil, usually of sandy clay loam classification with added PAS 100 compost, 20% by volume. BLS 20 is a natural topsoil with boosted organic matter content, has excellent moisture and nutrient retention capabilities.

It is a premium soil best suited to large scale, ground level, planting projects BLS 20 should installed at depths no greater than 350–400 mm; greater depths should be built up with Boughton Loam's subsoil products.

BLS 20 is well suited to projects where permanent irrigation is not specified because of its good water retention properties. For plant establishment temporary irrigation maybe required.

For lawns please refer to the manufacturer's BLS 2 topsoil which has a lower organic matter and therefore creates a more stable tilth for lawns. Boughton Loam can provide additional advice if needed on how best to specific and install this topsoil.

Features and benefits:

  • Clay (<0.002 mm): 23%.
  • Silt (0.0020.063 mm): 26%.
  • Sand (0.0632.0 mm): 51%
  • Texture class (UK classification): SCL.
  • Stone (220 mm): 12%.
  • Stones (2050 mm): 0%.
  • Stones (>50 mm): 0%.
  • pH value (1:2.5 water extract): 7.3.
  • Electrical conductivity (1:2.5 water extract): 610 uS/cm.
  • Electrical conductivity (1:2 CaSO4 extract): 2487 uS/cm.
  • Exchangeable sodium percentage: 1.6%.
  • Organic matter (LOI): 11.3%.
  • Total nitrogen (Dumas): 0.48%.
  • C:N ratio: 14.
  • Extractable phosphorus: 52 mg/L.
  • Extractable potassium: 591 mg/L.
  • Extractable magnesium: 174 mg/L.

Typical analysis for natural topsoil. A full analysis is available on request.

General information








Pr_45_31_89_51 Manufactured topsoilsPrimary
Ss_15_10_30/510 Topsoil
Pr_45_31_89_50 Manufactured growing media
Pr_45_31_89_41 Imported growing media
Pr_45_31_89_42 Imported topsoils


Q28/20 Imported topsoil to BS 3882

Q28/315 Imported topsoil to BS 3882

Q28/330 Imported manufactured topsoil/ growing medium

Specification data - Manufactured topsoils

General requirements

Topsoil, growing medium, subsoil and preparation materials generally


Boughton Loam.


Manufacturer's standard.

Soil textural class



To BS 3882: 2015.


Sandy clay loam.

Chemical analysis


pH (range)


Organic matter by dry weight (nominal)


Nutrient content

Minimum index values for nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium to be as for BS 3882 multipurpose topsoil.



Size in any dimension (maximum)

20 mm.

Stone content by dry weight (maximum)


Permitted materials for manufactured topsoil


Declaration of compliance


Composted materials

In accordance with PAS 100.

Materials not permitted


Environmental information

Country of material origin

United Kingdom

Country of product manufacture

United Kingdom



A naturally formed product and can be reused as needed, without going to landfill.

Recycled content

100 %


Boughton Landscape Product Brochure

Boughton Landscape Product Brochure

Case studies

The Old Rectory - BLS20

The Old Rectory - BLS20

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