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Birco 300AS

The function of the Birco linear drainage system is to intercept, store and transport surface water. For normal surface water drainage there are six different Birco systems.

Birco 300AS comprises a range of channels, gratings and covers together with complementary in-line side outlet and junction outfalls. This system is ideally suited to perform with large surface discharges such as aircraft pavements and industrial hardstandings.

General information
Uniclass 2015
Pr_65_52_24_24 Drainage channels with gratingsPrimary

Q10/180 Drainage channel systems with gratings

Q10/30 Drainage channel system

Specification data - Drainage channels with gratings
Product Reference

Birco 300AS

Channel invert depth

335 mm

475 mm


20 x 30 mm cast iron mesh

142 x 20 mm cast iron slot

Cast iron solid cover


Contractors choice

Junction/ Outfall Unit 150 or 225 mm drain pipes

Standard product features

Channel size:

430 mm wide x 1000 mm long.

Grating fixings:

Bolted to channel wall sockets.

Grating length:

500 mm.

Grating loading grade:

  • Galvanized grating: Class A/ B/ C/ D/ E to BS EN 1433: 2002.
  • Cast iron grating: Class A/ B/ C/ D/ E/ F to BS EN 1433: 2002.


Cast iron gratings can be colour coated to special order.

Product Options

Channel depth:

Birco 300AS channels are produced in two constant invert depths of 335 and 475 mm.

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