Biotecture- Living Wall System - Hydroponic System

Biotecture- Living Wall System - Hydroponic System

Biotecture Limited

Living vertical artificially irrigated and fertigated 'backless’ vegetated cladding panels complete with growing medium fixed through a void former and waterproof backing board to cladding rails.

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Pumped irrigation external living wall system, with artificially fertigated, 'backless’ vegetated cladding panels and inorganic growing medium, fixed through a void former and waterproof backing board to cladding rails.

Features and benefits:

  • Flexible and resilient.
  • Low water usage of 2 L/m²/day.
  • Provides an environmentally friendly, aesthetic exterior solution.
  • Includes seamless corner, window head, jam and cill details, as well as gutter and other interface details.
  • Ensures a minimum of 90% wall coverage by live plants at all times.
  • Plants are selected from the Biotecture database to suit the local climatic conditions.
  • Designed and assembled to enable safe and easy access for cleaning, maintenance and parts exchange.
  • Includes WRAS approved irrigation water tank.
  • Validated by the Centre for Window and Cladding Technology (CWCT) and Evolve Structural Engineers.

Please note that the irrigation tank needs to be located in a weathertight plant enclosure. A nutrient mix is required to be integrated with the irrigation system.

Mechanical, electrical and water services will be required to be provided by others. Other items to be provided by others include irrigation pipelines, drainage route, and aerial wire. Consult manufacturer for details.

General information


Trimmed to suit, lightweight, slim, waterproof backing board


Galvanised steel, timber battens, high density polyethylene, aluminium rail, stonewool




62 x 450 x 600 mm

Uniclass 2015

Ss_45_40_95_54 Modular unit vertical planting systemsPrimary


Q31/292 Prefabricated plant containers

Specification data - Modular unit vertical planting systems

Product Reference

Biotecture Living Wall - Hydroponic System


As drawing

As reference


Galvanized steel box sections

Bespoke, consult manufacturer and insert requirements.

Hilti helping hand system

Timber battens

Waterproof backing board

Versapanel Eco sheet or similar backing board. Consult manufacturer for details and insert requirements.

Plant type

Consult manufacturer for details and insert requirements.


90 x 60 x 120 mm, pressed aluminium

32 mm outlet.

114 mm wide, plastic

Standard. 32 mm outlet.

Colour/ Finish



Not required

If specifying the plastic variant.

RAL, colour

Insert colour requirement.

Riser covers, copings and window surrounds

RAL, colour

Insert colour requirement.


Heron (or similar approved manufacturer)



Consult manufacturer for details and insert requirements.

Not required

Standard product features

Overall thickness:

82 mm.

Weight (when fully saturated):

Panels, growing medium and plants: 65 kg/m².

Plant quantity:

60 plants per m².

Fire performance:

B-s3, d2 (if manufactured, installed and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements).


- Support structure:

Support structure to provide maximum 600 mm fixing positions horizontally, 300 mm vertically and 150 mm centres to the perimeter of the wall in exposed locations.

- Waterproof backing board:

Durable, water-resistant board of 12 mm thickness.

- Rear drainage layer (void former):

Geocomposite drainage layer comprising a high-performance single high density polyethylene (HDPE) core with a geotextile filter thermally bonded to one side to provide a drainage layer to the rear of the vegetated planted panels, and a waterproof layer in front of the backing board.

- Aluminium rails:

‘T’ profile rail carrier system to carry the vegetated cladding panels.

- Capillary breaks:

Geocomposite drainage layer, formed using extruded HDPE net drainage core with nonwoven polypropylene (PP) geotextile filter/ separator bonded to one side and an extruded (PE/ EVA) geomembrane bonded to the other side.

- BioTile® panel (vegetated cladding panels):

Injection moulded panel box to support the growing medium, formed using a black, general purpose polypropylene compound manufactured from recycled polymer. Each tile within the panel includes 16 planting holes (four per strip), with 50 mm diameter to the planting hole. Overall panel size (w x h x d): 598 x 403.5 x 62 mm.

- Growing medium:

Grodan PP 100/100. Inorganic, chemically inert and dimensionally stable growing medium with a nominal dry density of 16.8 kg/m³. Manufactured by stonewool – high alumina, low silica wool.

- Plants:

Plant species to be included as a series of plant matrices to create an overall planting pattern. Plants are planted into the BioTile® panels a minimum of twelve weeks prior to installation.

- Irrigation tank:

  • Type: WRAS approved, high density polyethylene break tank, with integral submersible pump.
  • Capacity: To hold 24 hours of irrigation water supply.
  • Pumping via a reliable pump set, capable of delivering the correct pressure at all drip locations. Water is to be distributed from the pump through zoned solenoid valves via a ring main and header pipes, with control being via a remote sensing computer controller. System is to include a fail-safe pump start relay.
  • Driplines: Irrigation water is to be applied via polypropylene driplines of no less than 16 mm diameter. The drippers are to be in-line, self-flushing and self-cleaning pressure compensated drippers, each operating at a minimum of 1.6 L/h. The system will include the ability for each dripline to be easily flushed on a regular basis. Includes a rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC) extrusion cover strip to provide improved visual appearance and solar protection to reduce solar gain to the dripline, clipped to irrigation lines using proprietary clips.
  • Pipework: 20 mm HDPE hoseline with barbed fittings.
  • Fittings: Wall/ array fittings, couplers, elbows and T-pieces with non-return valves if required, to suit the installation.

- Controller:

Multi wire controller to operate the solenoid valves. Will be programmed with flow-rate parameters for each zone, and will be set to monitor the flow-rate at prescribed intervals (usually 30 seconds). It will also be set with a deviation percentage. When the controller monitors a flow-rate that deviates from the expected flow rate by more than the input deviation percentage it will respond by shutting off the pump and sending an alert by email. GPRS signal or LAN connection required in order for the controller to communicate with remotely with the Biotecture server.

- Riser covers, copings and window surrounds:

Twice bent, 2 mm pressed aluminium to agreed RAL colour. Located to the top and sides of the planted panels, inclusive of window head and reveals to conceal pipework. Fixings to be visible and at maximum 1500 mm centres, using pre-painted head to RAL colour to match flashing/ cover strip.

Consult manufacturer for further details.

Product Options

Support structure:

Consult manufacturer for details on each variant.

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