Biodiverse roof system


Suitable for very low nutrient aggregate based substrate with minimal planting to encourage population of wind blown species. Creation of natural habitats with rock piles and rotting logs on the surface to encourage insect and other wildlife.


Extensive brown roof system.

Features and benefits:

  • Designed for extensive brown roofs with a build-up of 70–150 mm.
  • Each layer of component is supplied separately in bag or roll form and installed separately as a “dry” build-up, allowing easy access to roof areas.

General information



Uniclass 2015

Ss_45_40_47_09 Brown roof systemsPrimary


Q37/130 Extensive green roof

Specification data - Brown roof systems Enhanced data



Protection layer

Not required.


Moisture control


Drainage layer

Protecto-drain 20P perforated drainage sheet.

  • Thickness: 20 mm.
  • Can be cut and shaped around particular details.

Filter membrane

Recycled multi-coloured polyester.

  • Weight: 300 g/m².
  • Laid above and below drainage layer.

Product Reference

Roll-out Brown Roof System

Protection board

Not required.

Bituminous Protecto-Board.

Thickness: 3 mm.

Growing medium

Low nutrient.

  • Coir.
  • Green compost waste.
  • Lightweight aggregate.


Not required.


Sedum / wildflower blanket or plug planted shrubs, wildflower seed mix.


Sedum/ wildflower mix.

  • A basic sedum and wildflower blanket is supplied interspaced with native, local plants.
  • A natural, sustainable habitat can be created.
  • Very low maintenance and no irrigation required.
  • Opportunities to recycle site waste in substrate.

Roof Slope Range

Up to 15°.


Environmental information

Country of material origin

United Kingdom

Country of product manufacture

United Kingdom


Wallbarn Catalogue for Pedestals, Decking, Green Roofs, Waterproofing, Geotextile & Drainage

Wallbarn Catalogue for Pedestals, Decking, Green Roofs, Waterproofing, Geotextile & Drainage