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ABG Biodiverse Green Roof with Roofdrain 25mm Drainage Board

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The Biodiverse Green Roof is commonly used to replace or extend an area of local habitat and enhance biodiversity.

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Biodiverse green roof build up, suitable for flat or pitched roofs and new build or retrofit applications.


The ABG Green Roof biodiverse system comprises:

- Engineered growing media:

ABG peat free media derived from sustainable, recycled, UK sourced materials. Using a specifically developed, light-weight growing media reduces the load on the roof.

- Surfacing:

A vegetation layer, such as wildflower seed and sedum plug plants and habitat enhancement features (e.g. hibernaculum stone and log piles).

- Roofdrain 25mm drainage / reservoir board:

Utilising a drainage composite such as ABG Roofdrain reduces the risk of over saturation of the soil media and planting during periods of heavy rainfall. The high strength drainage core of the ABG Roofdrain product is designed to be used for higher load biodiverse green roof system applications, with a typical depth of between 80 - 150mm of growing media and with typical loads ranging from 100 – 200kg per m2. The product consists of a combination of a cuspated core with a geotextile bonded to the upper face to prevent soil ingress. It is manufactured in the UK from up to 95% recycled material. It provides excellent drainage over the whole base area of the soil layer, as well as providing additional waterproofing protection.

Features and benefits:

  • Added protection for waterproofing layer
  • Contributes to overall BREEAM assessment
  • Reduces whole life costs of the building and improves energy efficiency
  • SuDS solution acting as the first stage in the treatment train
  • Creates habitat to improve local biodiversity
  • Noise reducing
  • Extracts pollutants and improves air quality

General information




50000 mm


920 mm


25 mm

Warranty description

Guidance for specification option:

Equal to the life of the biodiverse roof maintenance contract.


Ss_45_40_47_28 Extensive green roof systemsPrimary
Ss_45_40_47_09 Brown roof systems


Q37/130 Extensive green roof

Product range

Biodiverse Roofs

Specification data - Extensive green roof systems



Root barrier

To be decided by waterproofer.

Moisture control


Drainage layer

ABG Roofdrain 25 mm.

Guidance for specification option:

  • Water storage capacity - 4.3 L/m².
  • Typical applications: Roofdrain is designed for use in green roof systems. It provides both drainage and attenuation in a convenient, lightweight and cost effective system.

Filter membrane


Drainage ancillaries

Protection geotextile bonded to the underside of the reservoir/ drainage board.

ABG Green Roof Access Chambers.

Guidance for specification option:

Purpose designed to create inspection chambers around outlets and irrigation points in green roof systems. They are manufactured from high grade powder coated aluminium offering excellent corrosion resistance. The base of chamber allows drainage via channels cut into the base. Both standard and parapet bases available in three different sizes of interlocking mid sections to cater for different levels of build-up. Each comes with a lockable lid.

Planting systems


Planting medium

A blend of water retaining aggregates, crushed brick and organic material.

Guidance for specification option:

Mixed to provide an extensive growing media to meet customer specifications. Extensive growing media is a versatile, lightweight general purpose green roof growing media, ideal for sedum matting systems and systems supporting hardier lower maintenance plants such as sedum, wildflowers and grasses.

Planting requirements

Mixture of sedum, wildflower turf and plug plants.

Manufacturer guidance

In accordance with the landscape design or ecology plan.

Edge restraints

ABG Abpro Aluminium Profiles.

Guidance for specification option:

Designed for use in variety of green or ballasted roof applications. They can be used either as an edge restraint, or where a solution for retaining or separating the roof garden materials is required. Lightweight and robust, they can be cut to length and angled to suit the roof design, are available powder-coated in any colour and are connected with plate connectors.



Manufacturer guidance

All operatives carrying out the vegetation installation should refer to the ABG installation and establishment guidelines for vegetation.

System completion

Establishment watering requirements: Surface watering for the first ten weeks following installation (to ensure the substrate remains moist to the touch).

Guidance for specification option:

It is the responsibility of the roofing contractor to liaise with the main contractor/ building owner to provide water and ensure that the planted growing medium is thoroughly irrigated immediately after installation. An adequate mains water supply of sufficient pressure must be available and operational prior to the plants being installed.

Manufacturer guidance

ABG Installs' maintenance service

ABG's contracting business - ABG Installs - offers a professional maintenance service using experienced green/blue roof technicians and can provide an estimate for carrying out on-going maintenance. Contact the green roof maintenance team on Tel: 01484 354836.

Sustainability data

Country of product manufacture

United Kingdom

Embodied carbon

A1-A3 (production stage) as defined in BS EN 15804

1.72 kg CO₂ eq/kg

Recycled content

As defined in clause 7.8 of BS EN ISO 14021

95 %

Guidance for specification option:

Up to 95%

BIM objects


NBS BIM Object Standard

This BIM object has been authored to meet the requirements of the NBS BIM Object Standard.

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Platform Compatible Version

Revit 2017








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