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A high solids grout consisting of a blend of bentonite and polymers, formulated for sealing water leaks in existing below ground structures. BENTOGROUT is pumped, in a fluid state, adjacent to the exterior of the structure where it sets to a solid material forming a waterproof membrane. The product can be used to seal leaks in concrete, masonry block, brick and stone foundations. Applications include basements, manholes, foundation slabs, tunnels and sheet steel piling. BENTOGROUT characteristics include flexibility, self-repairing properties and resistance to freeze/ thaw cycles.

BENTOGROUT is intended primarily for remedial work, and requires specialist application and equipment, generally by manufacturer.

General information
Specification data - Injection grouts
Product Reference


Standard product features


One coat pump applied.

Bulk density:

881 kg/m³.

Specific gravity:

2.5 gm/cm³.

Bonded moisture:



5.2 x 10e-8 cm/sec.

Mud weight:

1.22 kg/litre.

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