BC Pedestal System

Screwjack pedestal system for support of external raised paving, decking or internal raised floors.

  • Accommodates gravity laying of polygonal panels.
  • Enables drainage without visible grilles.
  • Allows access throughout to concealed services.
  • Load (maximum each pedestal): 1000 kg. Specific recommended maximum load varies with pedestal height, pitch of substrate, symmetry of loading and internal or external application.
  • Choice of spacer tabs suitable for joint width of topping material. Circular tabs are adjustable for angle.
  • Pedestal height: 11–1120 mm.
  • Polypropylene pedestal. Resistant to weather, UV, chemical products. Electrically non-conductive. Not susceptible to galvanic corrosion.
  • Sloping substrates: Optional, wedge type slope corrector for placement under pedestal.


  • In conjunction with platform materials including concrete, metal grid, natural stone, terrazzo or wood. Platform can be gravity laid or fixed to pedestal head.
  • As visible bottom surface of water features over service voids.
  • Industrial floors.
  • Temporary installations.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_85_47_22 Decking and paving pedestalsPrimary


J21/467 Support system for precast concrete paving slabs

J21/85 Precast concrete paving slabs

J31/370 Precast concrete paving slabs

J31/375 Paving tiles

J31/80 Precast concrete paving slabs

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Specification data - Decking and paving pedestals

Product Reference

BC Pedestal System





Fixed height 11 mm (Stackable 11, 19, 27 mm).


Fixed height 14 mm.


Fixed height 28–40 mm.


Adjustable 40–55 mm.


Adjustable 55–85 mm.


Adjustable 85–140 mm.


Adjustable 116–200 mm.


Adjustable 198–230 mm - BC4 with one inverter coupler.


Adjustable 224–365 mm - BC5 with one C3 coupler.


Adjustable 342–455 mm - BC5 with one inverter coupler and one C3 coupler.


Adjustable 452–620 mm - BC5 with one inverter coupler and two C3 couplers.


Adjustable 562–790 mm - BC5 with one inverter coupler and three C3 couplers.


Adjustable 672–995 mm - BC5 with one inverter coupler and four C3 couplers.


Adjustable 782–1120 mm - BC5 with one inverter coupler and five C3 couplers.

To suit levels as drawing

Spacer tabs

Not required

2 mm circular

Nonstandard option. Requires level topping installed to fine tolerances.

2 mm rectangular

Nonstandard option. Requires level topping installed to fine tolerances.

3 mm circular (17 mm)

3 mm rectangular (17 mm)

4.5 mm circular (17 mm)

4.5 mm rectangular (17 mm)

4.5 mm circular

4.5 mm rectangular

6 mm circular

6 mm rectangular

8 mm circular

8 mm rectangular

10 mm circular

10 mm rectangular

As drawing

NB All tabs are 25 mm unless otherwise stated.


Gravity laid panels

Joist support plate with plug and pin clip

Timber decking.

Mechanical fix, using Buzon plugs, pin clips and flat head pins

Standard product features


- Height:

Base, couplers and head are threaded for assembly and height adjustment.

- Pitch:

By insertion of one or two slope correctors, 5 or 10°, under pedestal.

Product Options

Spacer tabs:

Clip into holes in Head. Size determines joint width in decking. Choice of fixed rectangular spacers or rotating circular spacers. Layout of spacers accommodates polygonal platform elements. Special spacers available - consult Buzon.


- Timber decking:

Decking planks screw fix to joists. Joists located by joist support plates and secured by screw fixing through side guides adjustable for joist widths 35–90 mm. Joist support plates located by proprietary plugs and pin clips. Can accommodate angled joists.

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