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Bauder Intensive Landscaping System

Bauder Intensive Landscaping System

Bauder Ltd

Bauder's Intensive Landscape System. Options to combine Intensive soft and hard landscaping with the ability to construct path and roadways.

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Bauder's Intensive Landscape System. Bauder's rich, free draining, Intensive substrate is combined with a robust drainage layer. This system is designed for complex landscaping, Large trees and shrubs, path and roadways on roofs or podium decks.


  • Excellent water retention and storm water management
  • Vegetation selection is bespoke, helping with BREEAM requirements
  • Man-made non-compacting free draining substrate
  • Load baring drainage layer for path and roadways
  • Provides valuable recreational space


  • Comprehensive range of guarantees for this system
  • Substrate, filtration layers and drainage boards comply with FLL and GRO guidelines

Environmental Credentials:

  • Substrates are made from 95% recycled material
  • Protection, filtration and isolation layers manufactured from recycled materials

General information


This BIM Object must be supported by a project specific specification from Bauder, incorporating system build-up, detail design and performance calculations if a full Bauder system guarantee is required. Please contact your local Bauder Representative or technical@bauder.co.uk


Guarantee options could include ‘Product’, ‘Product and Workmanship’ and ‘Product, Workmanship and Design’ Guarantees. All guarantees available for this system are subject to the works being carried out in accordance with the Bauder specification and being installed by a Bauder Approved installer. For full details and further information regarding guarantees and alternative systems please contact your local Bauder Representative or technical@bauder.co.uk

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