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MasterEmaco S 420 is a rapid setting polymer modified repair mortar for application where high compressive strengths are required. The material cures to a concrete grey colour.

MasterEmaco S 420 is suitable for structural repairs of reinforced and non-reinforced concrete. The material is ideal for repairing damage caused by corrosion of reinforcement bars, alkali aggregate reaction or impact damage.

MasterEmaco S 420 rapid-setting qualities provide high production rates saving access and labour costs and also has high performance for extreme durability and protection of embedded reinforcement. Separate primers and bonding coats are not required allowing for complete repair in a single operation with substantial time savings It can be applied at 10-50 mm in thickness per layer.

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Rapid-setting qualities provide high production rates saving access and labour costs, regulation 31 approved for contact with potable water after just 3 days curing, can be applied at 10-50mm in thickness per layer

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