Ballorex Thermo Circulation Valves

The Ballorex Thermo valve is used to maintain a selected temperature in a hot water circulation line. The product features automatic disinfection control and a temperature selection dial, plus isolation and drain functions.

The thermostatically controlled circulation is particularly suitable in the prevention of legionella. By achieving thermal balancing and high temperature disinfection of the hot water system, it denies the bacteria the optimum conditions for growth (between 22–43°C).

The product offers other significant benefits, such as protection against the build-up of limescale, prevention of scalding, and assists in the reduction of water costs and water consumption.

The range includes:

  • P605 Thermo circulation valve, bronze, 50–60°C adjustable range. Female x female connections.
  • P605 Thermo circulation valve, bronze, 50–60°C adjustable range. Push x push connections.
  • MLH605 circulation valve 50–60°C Henco PVDF range. Flat face union connections.
  • MLC605 circulation valve 50–60°C Henco brass range. Flat face union connections.

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S90/680 Thermostatic mixing valves

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Ballorex Thermo Circulation Valves


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