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Axiom L Canopy

Axiom L Canopy

Third party certifications:
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    QA Certificate

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Floating ceiling suspension kit for installation with full size ceiling tiles.

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  • Cafeterias.
  • Reception areas.
  • Meeting areas.
  • Circulation spaces.
  • Retail establishments.


Floating ceiling suspension kit using a shorter Axiom L profile frame to create simple ceiling clouds.

Features and benefits:

  • Made-to-measure components and accessories are ready to install for quick and easy installation.
  • Available in five standard modules with either Prelude 24 Sixty² main runner for installation with full size ceiling tiles.
  • Can be used to reduce reverberation time and increase speech intelligibility.
  • 15-year product guarantee.
  • 30-year system guarantee.


  • Axiom L profile, 78.5 mm high.
  • Prelude 24 Sixty² main runner.
  • Prelude 24 XL² cross tees.
  • Mitre corner connector.
  • Axiom Universal corner clip.
  • Axiom Universal T bar connector clip for cut tees with screws.
  • Axiom 24 mm XL² connector clip.

Acoustic absorption:

Axiom Canopy 3 x 3 m (9 m²) average of tests at 500 Hz, 1 kHz, 2 kHz and 4 kHz. Following results are for 500 Hz: [PP1].

  • Ultima+ tiles: 7.3 sabins.
  • Ultima+ OP tiles: 9.4 sabins.
  • Perla tiles: 5.5 sabins.
  • Perla OP tiles: 9.3 sabins.


  • Cafeterias.
  • Reception areas.
  • Meeting areas.
  • Circulation spaces.
  • Retail establishments.

General information


Aluminium/ galvanized steel

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_85_32_22 Demountable suspended ceiling gridsPrimary


K40/10 Suspended ceilings

K40/105 Suspended ceiling system

K40/115 Unit/ modular suspended ceiling system

Specification data - Demountable suspended ceiling grids

Product Reference

Axiom L Canopy

Unit size

1800 x 1200 mm

6 tiles.

1800 x 1800 mm

9 tiles.

2400 x 1200 mm

8 tiles.

2400 x 1800 mm

12 tiles.

2400 x 2400 mm

16 tiles.


6 mm threaded rod

Aircraft cable and gripple connectors

Quick hanger

Standard product features


Aluminium/ galvanized steel.

Surface finish:

Polyester powder painted.


Global white.

Maximum tile load:

5 kg/m².

Third party certifications
  • CE marking: Notified Body accredited
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