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Axess – Ladder System

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Axess 2000

Guardrail Engineering Ltd Variant:

A safe, simple, modular vertical ladder system.

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Commercial building applications.


Guardrail’s 'Axess' vertical permanent ladder system is a safe, simple modular design offering individual parts which bolt together to form a complete ladder. Parts are usually kept ex-stock for quick delivery or can be supplied as a complete ladder once the floor-to-floor dimension is given. This system tries to eliminate the need for expensive site surveys and the preparation of detail drawings which adds to delivery time.

Features and benefits:

  • The design and production of Axess components is in accordance with relevant British Standards and Euronorms for the health and safety conscious.
  • Axess is usually available 'off the shelf' and is flexible enough to solve the majority of vertical access problems.
  • Axess is straightforward to bolt together/ install on site and is usually supplied in 'flat-pack' form for ease of handling, storage and transportation.


  • AX1 - 2500 mm long ladder section.
  • AX2 - 1250 mm short ladder section.
  • AX3 - Ladder extension.
  • AX4 - Extension to floor.
  • AX5 - Top step.
  • AX6 - Ladder foot.
  • AX7 - Ladder stay.
  • AX8 - Top hoop.
  • AX9 - Lower hoop.
  • AX10 - Splice plates.
  • AX11 - Top cage strap.
  • AX12 - Lower cage strap.
  • AX13 - Cage splice (included in AX12 set).
  • AX14 - Cage spacer (included in AX12 set).

General information






Ss_35_10_30_62 Permanently-fixed vertical ladder systemsPrimary


L30/410 Steel ladders

N25/130 Gantry access system

Specification data - Permanently-fixed vertical ladder systems


Manufacturer's standard.


Manufacturer's standard.

Assembly connectors

Manufacturer's standard.

Superstructure connectors


Manufacturer guidance

Insert requirements.

Height (floor-to-floor)

Guidance for specification option:

Insert requirement if applicable.


2000 – 2300 mm.



Manufacturer guidance

Number and layout of components are dependent on individual systems, consult manufacturer's literature for more information.

Third-party certification

SCCS: Accreditation BS EN ISO 1090 parts 1 & 2 execution class 2.

Sustainability data

Country of product manufacture

United Kingdom




Guardrail AX Axess Component Ladder System

Guardrail AX Axess Component Ladder System

Guardrail Axess Europe Ladder System

Guardrail Axess Europe Ladder System