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Normal to Heavy duty openers, designed for use on all types of internal and external doors in new and retrofit applications. Two main models are available, ASSA ABLOY SW200 OHC for concealed installation with direct drive onto the door pivot point and ASSA ABLOY SW200 for surface installation where the door is operated by an arm system. The opener can be used for both single and double-leaf doors and is entirely suitable for the heaviest duty applications.

The opener for concealed installation (ASSA ABLOY SW200 OHC) gives, door design permitting, the possibility to use the built-in panic system. In an emergency situation the door can always be opened in the opposite direction by simply pushing against it. The opener acts as a door closer upon loss of electric power. Silent and strong Both models work electro-mechanically. The opening is performed by motor power and the closing by motor and spring power. The control unit with integrated microprocessor is designed for plug-in connection. The ASSA ABLOY SW200 opener is tailored to different doors and different customer requirements. The motor, drive transmission and control unit are combined into a compact unit, mounted inside an aluminium header with integrated access cover. The concealed model ASSA ABLOY SW200 OHC is self supporting and can be integrated into the complete frame and door assembly. This can be done during the manufacturing of the door frame.

The SW200 OHC can also be fitted between walls or posts and can be supplied in lengths to fit the width of the complete door/side screen package, or extend the full width of a corridor. The opener is connected to the door leaf with a steel drive arm bolted within the top rail. The surface-applied model SW200 is connected to the door leaf with a pushing or pulling arm system.

General information
Specification data - Controlled door closers
Product Reference

Automatic Swing Door Opener - ASSA ABLOY SW200 Normal to Heavy Duty


SW200 OHC-1

For single doors concealed overhead installation.

SW200 OHC-2

For double doors concealed overhead installation.


For single doors surface installation.


For double doors surface installation.

Arm systems

Not required


Opener installed on the pull side of the door.


Opener installed on the push side of the door.



180° opening in the same direction

Ideal for doors opening into corridors.

Automatic activation unit

Bottom pivot

SW200 OHC only.

Door panic stop

To control the closed position of a panic door (SW200 OHC only).

Finger trap protection device

Fire rated

Monitored backup battery (up to 300 activations)

Presence sensor

For fitting on one or both sides of the door.

Programme selector

Safety Barriers

Standard product features


- Opener length:

  • SW200 OHC-1/ SW200-1 865/905: 1200 mm.
  • SW200 OHC-2/ SW200-2 1600/1680: 2400 mm.

Sectional dimensions:

SW200 OHC Concealed Unit 152 x152 mm.


Clear anodized aluminium, alternative paint colours are available on request.

Power supply:

  • 230 V, 50 Hz.
  • 120 V, 60 Hz.
  • 24 V DC.

Power consumption (maximum):

200 W.

Opening time (0°-80°):

Variable between 2–6 seconds.

Closing time (90°-10°):

Variable between 2–6 seconds.

Hold open time:

0–60 seconds.

Recommended max door weight and door width:

  • Inertia J = Door Weight x (door width) 2/3.
  • PUSH = 160 kgm2.
  • PULL = 80 kgm2.
  • Concealed = 80 kgm2.