ASSA Codoor


Codoor is a self-contained battery-powered system used with ASSA mechanical (Modular or Connect 70 mm backset) lockcases.

CD3500 digital codelock:

  • Requires entry of a 4-digit passcode in the correct sequence.
  • 10,000 codes available, up to nine codes may be stored at once.
  • Always-open function available.
  • Low-power warning, anti-tamper features and diagnostic mode.
  • Programmed from the keypad.

FP5000 biometric fingerprint reader:

  • Fingerprint scanner with concealed keypad for additional security.
  • Up to 32 fingerprint templates and four 4-digit passcodes may be stored at once.
  • Low-power warning and diagnostic mode.
  • Programmed from the keypad.

Additional requirements:

Cylinder, handle (ASSA Classic sprung lever handle with bolt-through fixing recommended) and lockcase (Modular 765, Connect 310, Modular 8761 or Connect 236) supplied separately.

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General information


Stainless steel

Uniclass 2015

Ss_25_38_20_20 Door hardware systemsPrimary

Specification data - Door hardware systems

Product Reference

CD3500 digital codelock

FP5000 biometric fingerprint reader

Standard product features


Stainless steel.

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