ASSA CLIQ cylinders are based on ASSA dp mechanical cylinder platform. Combines a CLIQ electromechanical element with an ASSA dp cylinder. The dp 4400 cylinders offer extremely high security and full resistance to any currently known method of picking.


  • The dp cylinders are based on ASSA's well established Twin technology but features new innovative designs on the side bar mechanism.
  • Incorporate electronics that will read the electronic code of the key and if this matches, it will operate a small electric motor in the cylinder which will allow access.
  • Tested to BS EN 1303.
  • CLIQ cylinders can be specified for padlocks as well as industrial locking cylinders.

System includes:

dp series cylinder, electromechanical element, CLIQ keys (user, master control, [control key as required] and contact key). Programming device and software.

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General information


Polished brass

Polished chrome


Satin chrome

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_36_08_24 Door latches



P21/515 Door locks

Specification data - Door latches

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Polished brass

Polished chrome


Satin chrome

Standard product features


- Scandinavian oval:

For use with ASSA Modular, Connect and Narrow Profile lockcases:

  • 4401: Single cylinder (outside).
  • 4403: Single cylinder (inside).
  • 4402: Double cylinder.

For use with ASSA rim and Connect narrow profile lockcases:

  • 4407: Single rim cylinder (outside).
  • 4409: Single rim cylinder (inside).

- Scandinavian round:

For use with Modular and Connect lockcases:

  • 4411: Single cylinder (outside).
  • 4413: Single cylinder (inside).
  • 412: Double cylinder.

- Round threaded:

For use with locking devices accepting screw-in cylinders:

  • 4451: Single mortice cylinder.
  • 4457: Rim cylinder.

- Euro profile:

  • 44M22: Double cylinder.
  • 44M23: Single cylinder.
  • 44M27: Single cylinder with Distinction oval turn.
  • 44M24: Single cylinder with small round turn.

- Oval profile:

4432: Double cylinder.

4433: Single cylinder.

4437: Single cylinder with Distinction oval turn.

4434: Single cylinder with small round turn.

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