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AS20/1000 Liner

Shallow profile steel liner sheet for roofs and walls.

  • Suitable for fixing to steel or timber purlins.
  • Choice of steel gauge.
  • Profile features 20 mm deep ribs.
  • Suitable for site cutting using reciprocating or circular saw.
  • Co-ordinating elements available: secondary steelwork, cladding sheets, insulation, site assembly profiled rooflights, trims, guttering, doors, louvre panels, profile fillers, sealants.


  • General: Possible through valleys or crowns. Valley fixing recommended. Stainless steel or carbon steel self-drilling screws, 16 mm bonded washers, 4 mm diameter NFRC class A Butyl sealant at end laps and 50 x 1 mm Polyband air seal/ moisture barrier tape at side laps.
  • To steel: Should pass through the section, leaving minimum 5 mm exposed thread.
  • To wood: Must achieve 40 mm (minimum) embedment.


  • Advisory Committee for Roofwork ACR(M)001-2005: class B, non-fragile assembly (0.7 mm gauge only) when installed to manufacturer recommendations.


  • Spread of flame: Class 1 to BS 476-7. Euroclass B. Class O as described in Approved Document B. FAA/ SAA to BS 476-3.

General information

Carbon steel

Uniclass 2015
Pr_25_71_51_11 Carbon steel liningsPrimary

H31/120 Metal

H31/241 Lining

H31/40 Lining

Specification data - Carbon steel linings
Product Reference

AS20/1000 Liner


0.4 mm

0.7 mm

Weight 5.75 kg/ m².

Finish -

18µ polyester painted



Standard product features

Cover width:

1 m.

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