AS FAIR Rooflights


Factory assembled, insulated, profiled translucent rooflights.

  • Profiles to match Steadmans AS35 insulated panels, allowing in-plane mounting.
  • Suitable for fixing to steel or timber purlins. Centres (maximum): 1.8 m. Wider centres may be possible in certain circumstances - consult manufacturer.
  • GRP skins with optional internal membrane.
  • Choice of grades for fire performance/ impact resistance/ light transmission/ thermal insulation/ UV resistance.
  • Choice of internal fixing point fillers.
  • Pitch (minimum): 6º.
  • Length (maximum): 7 m.


  • Designed for installation simultaneously with profiled steel roofing.
  • For stitching through galvanized steel underlap strip or through Hardpak internal supports, located over purlins, use stainless steel or carbon steel self drilling screws with press on or integral caps and 29 mm EPDM washers.
  • To steel: Should pass through the section, leaving minimum 5 mm exposed thread.
  • To wood: Must achieve 40 mm (minimum) embedment.

General information


Profiles match Steadmans AS35 insulated panels allowing in-plane mounting, suitable for fixing to steel or timber purlins



Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_72_30 Factory-assembled insulating rooflights (FAIRs)Primary


H31/160 Profiled plastics sheet

H43/160 Profiled plastics sheet

H43/30 Profiled plastics sheet

Specification data - Factory-assembled insulating rooflights (FAIRs)

Product Reference

AS FAIR Rooflights


40 mm thick

60 mm thick

80 mm thick

100 mm thick

Double skin, 3.0 W/m²K

Triple skin, 1.9 W/m²K

As standard.

Triple skin, 1.3 W/m²K

Triple skin, 1.1 W/m²K

Triple skin, 0.9 W/m²K

Weather sheet

GRP 2.4 kg/ m²

Fragility to ACR(M)001: Class B. Estimated non fragile for 5–20 years.

GRP 3 kg/ m²

Fragility to ACR(M)001: Class B. Estimated non fragile for 25 years.

Liner sheet


As standard.

Internal fixing point fillers

Hardpak 50 mm

As standard. Requires tight alignment with purlins.

Hardpak 100 mm

Allows limited tolerance to purlin position.


Allows free purlin spacing.

Product Options

Performance, standard unit:

A wide range of alternative assemblies is available to meet project needs.

  • Cover width: 1 m.
  • 60–70 % light transmission.
  • Weathersheet, spread of flame to BS 476-3: SAB.
  • Liner sheet, spread of flame to BS 476-7: Class 1.

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