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Ancon Eazistrip Reinforcement Continuity Systems

Ancon Eazistrip Reinforcement Continuity Systems

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A quick and easy method of maintaining continuity of reinforcement at construction joints in concrete.

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Suitable for use in any type of construction joint.


The product consists of a galvanized steel casing with a dimpled surface to provide an effective concrete bond. Pre-bent bars are housed within the casing and enclosed by a protective heavy duty plasticized cardboard cover.

Each end of the unit is sealed with a polystyrene block in order to prevent the ingress of concrete during construction. Units are nailed to the formwork, or wired back to the main reinforcement cage. After striking the formwork, the cover is removed and the bars are straightened using an Eazistrip re-bending tool.

Features and benefits:

  • Eazistrip systems are manufactured using CARES approved bar.
  • The type of reinforcement is selected by Ancon to provide a suitable degree of ductility, ensuring that it complies with the tensile requirements of BS 4449: 2005 Grade 500C after prefabrication and re-bending on site.
  • Bars are bent in accordance with BS 8666: 2005.

General information


Pr_20_96_71_14 Carbon steel ribbed bar reinforcementPrimary


E30/240 Proprietary prefabricated reinforcement

E30/250 Proprietary prefabricated continuity reinforcement strips

Product range

Reinforcement Continuity Systems

Specification data - Carbon steel ribbed bar reinforcement Enhanced data

Shape code

Type H.


Type 2H.

Two single hooks.

Type RA.


Type RA1.

Double angle.

Type RA2.

Double angle.

Type RS3.

Double angle.

Type S.

Straight bar.

Type S2.

Double straight bar.

Type SH.

Angle with leg in horizontal plane.

Type U.

'U' bar/DH Double Hook.

Type RU.

'U' bar.

Type C.

Closed Stirrup.

Product Reference

Ancon Eazistrip Continuity Reinforcement


150 mm.

200 mm.

Stirrup height

170 mm.

Stirrup width

80 mm.

90 mm.

120 mm.

140 mm.

170 mm.

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Leg length

410 mm.

500 mm.

650 mm.

Bars/ Box




  • Eazistrip can be supplied with a Pentaflex hydrostatic seal.
  • The seal is factory fitted inside and outside the box to provide double sided protection against water or moisture permeation along the joint face.
  • Pentaflex is a hydrostatic seal and is not reliant on expansion.
  • Provides a continuous elastic seal by means of the bond between the Pentaflex and the fresh concrete.


Pentaflex hydrostatic seal.


Eazistrip Reinforcement Continuity Systems

Eazistrip Reinforcement Continuity Systems

Third party certifications

  • UK CARES Technical Approval: TA2-5017