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Ancon Bartec Plus Headed Anchors

Provides an effective and proven method of achieving rebar end anchorage within concrete.

Anchorage of reinforcement within a concrete section is traditionally achieved by means of creating a long hooked end to the bar. These hooks can lead to problems when positioning the bar and can increase congestion. It can ultimately result in larger than necessary concrete sections at the location of hooked ends.

Essentially an oversized coupler capable of carrying the full tension load of the bar when it bears against the concrete in which it is cast. This removes the need for the hooked rebar end and subsequently reduces congestion, simplifying bar placement. This in turn increases the speed of construction and gives greater flexibility in design. Typical applications include pile caps and beam-to-column connections.

Concrete strength:

When the above sizes of Bartec Plus Headed Anchors are used, the compressive strength of the concrete shall not be less than strength grade C32/40 (cylinder/cube).

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_96_71_51 Mechanical reinforcement couplersPrimary


E30/260 Proprietary mechanical couplers

Specification data - Mechanical reinforcement couplers

Product Reference

Ancon Bartec Plus Headed Anchor



Bar diameter: 16 mm. Anchor thickness: 20 mm. Thread: M20x2.5.


Bar diameter: 20 mm. Anchor thickness: 24 mm. Thread: M24x3.0.


Bar diameter: 25 mm. Anchor thickness: 30 mm. Thread: M30x3.5.


Bar diameter: 32 mm. Anchor thickness: 36 mm. Thread: M36x4.0.


Bar diameter: 40 mm. Anchor thickness: 45 mm. Thread: M45x4.5.

Product Options


Five standard sizes available, other sizes available upon request. Consult manufacturer for details.

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