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Ancon 360 Tension System

Ancon 360 Tension System

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Carbon steel tension system.

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Used to create a variety of assemblies, from simple tie bars to complex bracing systems involving several bars joined at one point.


A carbon steel tension system available in two sizes: 48 and 56 mm.

Features and benefits:

  • The bar used in the system has a minimum yield of 360 N/mm².
  • CE marked to BS EN 1090-1.
  • Special anchor plates and discs can be manufactured to suit project requirements.
  • Connecting plates are designed to suit particular applications.
  • Ancon tension systems are supplied as full systems and are not available as individual components.

General information



Zinc plated

Hot-dip galvanized


Carbon steel




48 mm

56 mm

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_85_84_89 Tension strapsPrimary


G12/30 Proprietary

G12/330 Proprietary metal members

Product range

Tension and Compression Systems

Specification data - Tension straps Enhanced data


CE Marked.

BS EN 1090-1.



Finish for bar and disc.

Zinc plated.

Finish for bar, coupler, disc and the fork and nut.

Hot-dip galvanized.

Finish for bar and disc.

System length

System lengths are measured between the centres of the pins in the forks.

Bar diameter

48 mm.

56 mm.

Product Reference

360 Tension System


Fork connectors and locking nuts.

  • Fork connectors are supplied with a locking nut. Forks and their locking nuts have left or right hand threads, and are supplied complete with a pin.


  • Two-part locking construction and once installed are flush with the fork.

Tie bars.

  • Tie bars have a right-hand thread at one end and a left-hand thread at the other.
  • Flats are pressed into the bar close to each end to allow the bar to be screwed into the fork connectors.
  • Carbon steel bars are available either untreated with the electrodeposited zinc coating Fe//Zn12//A to EN 12329 or are hot-dip galvanized to EN 1461.


  • Couplers have right and left hand threads and are used in applications where more than one bar is required between forks.
  • Supplied with locking nuts for each end of the coupler.
  • Couplers are machined from bar and can have the provision for a hanger to be fitted to limit the deflection of bars of 16 mm diameter or greater.

Anchor discs.

  • Allow up to eight bars to be connected together.
  • Can be used at the centre of conventional cross-bracing, or where several bars need to be connected at one point.
  • Machined from plate and can be supplied with a surface finish to match the system.

Third party certifications

  • CE Marked: to BS EN 1090-1

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