Anchor Vertica®

Anchor Vertica®

Third party certifications:
  • BBA Agrément Certificate

    BBA Agrément Certificate

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  • QA Certificate

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Dry build retaining walls with a ‘naturally textured' finish.

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Dry build retaining walls with a ‘naturally textured' finish.

Features and benefits:

  • A distinctive design allows taller wall construction in incredibly tight spaces. For use in developments or where space is at a premium.
  • The standard 4º block has anti-climb benefits - designed with playgrounds in mind.
  • The stone cut finish uses patented technology to create a ‘crunched’ finish, similar to natural stone.
  • The double-sided block is recommended for finishing the final course of a normal Vertica retaining wall when both sides would be visible.
  • The double-sided block can be split in half to create an aesthetically pleasing stop end block for a Vertica® Standard Block retaining wall - an alternative to curving a wall in to the bank.
  • The double-sided block can be used as a self-supporting, freestanding, mortarless wall - not retaining.
  • A variety of warm earth tone colours are available in a natural textured finish.
  • Mortarless and pinless - built with no mortar or concrete, the unique dry build locking system allows fast track construction in all weathers. This means quicker installation rates than traditional brick and blockwork.
  • Features a patented locating lug that acts as a guide to ensure accurate alignment and precise set back every time.
  • Suitable for all retaining walls - from low height landscape to tall commercial walls.
  • The capping block is shaped asymmetrically (tapered), making capping straight or curved walls much easier.
  • BBA approved - minimum 28 day compressive strength of 40 N/mm² and satisfies the durability requirement of class XF2 in accordance with BS 8500-1:2015.

Minimum radius:

  • Outside curve (to back of block on bottom course): 1.8 m.
  • Inside curve (to back of block on bottom course): 2.4 m.

Consult manufacturer's technical literature for further details.

General information


Stone cut

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_93_71_15 Concrete interlocking blocksPrimary


D41/310 Drystack interlocking masonry

Specification data - Concrete interlocking blocks

Product Reference

Anchor Vertica® Standard Block

4° angle.

Anchor Vertica® Double Sided Block

For finishing the final course of a Vertica® Standard Block retaining wall.






Special shapes

Not required

Anchor Vertica® Cap Block

438 x 100 x 254 mm (l x h x d, length is 303 mm on short side), weight (approximate): 20 kg.

Anchor Vertica® Corner Block

457 x 200 x 228 mm (l x h x d), weight (approximate): 42 kg.

Anchor Vertica® Shortcut Cap

200 x 75 x 330 mm (l x h x d, length is 175 mm on short side), weight (approximate): 10.3 kg.

Standard product features

Size (l x w):

457 x 200 x 280 mm.

Weight (approximate):

24 kg.

Compressive strength:

40 N/mm² (after 28 days).

Face coverage:

10.9 units/m².




Stone cut.


Manufactured to BS EN 771-3:2011+A1:2015.


  • Energy use: 100% renewable energy.
  • Water used: 100% rainwater harvesting.
  • Recyclability: 100% of this product can be recycled.
  • Manufacturing location: Produced in the UK using responsibly sourced materials.
  • Recycled aggregate content: 65%.
  • Waste wood and plastic: 100% recycled.
  • Carbon footprint: AG have a state-of-the-art wash­ing plant which enables them to produce walling from 100% recycled waste aggregate.
  • BREEAM rating: A, in accordance with the Green Guide to specification.

Product Options


Consult with AG for availability of colours and to obtain samples.

Set back/ face angle:

  • Double Sided Block: 0°.
  • Standard Block: 4°.


Anchor Vertica® can be installed mechanically using a special clamp in conjunction with an excavation digger.

Wall height:

Available up to 1 m for gravity walls and above 1 m for engineered walls.

Third party certifications
  • 17/H268 - Approved
  • BREEAM: A+ rating
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