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Suitable for residential, light commercial and heavy commercial use.


Luxury vinyl floor tiles in a range wood effect, stone effect and abstract finishes.

Features and benefits:

  • Available in 36 colour/ finish varieties.
  • Surface treated with Quantum Guard urethane layer - low-gloss, easy to clean finish which removes the need for polish.
  • Can be installed without stripping.
  • Phthalate-free.
  • Emissions: Comparable to Green Guide generic elements 821570055, 821570043 and 921570010 rated as A+/A/B respectively.
  • 20-year commercial warranty.


Suitable for residential, light commercial and heavy commercial use.

General information

See 'Options' below and insert requirements.

Uniclass 2015
Pr_35_57_71_62 Particle-based enhanced slip-resistant polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tilesPrimary
Specification data - Particle-based enhanced slip-resistant polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tiles
Product Reference

Amtico Signature 36+

Colour/ Finish

See 'Options' below and insert requirements.


See 'Options' below and insert requirements.

Standard product features


  • Wear layer (to EN ISO 24340): 1.0 mm.
  • Total (to EN ISO 24346): 2.5 mm.

Weight (to EN ISO 23997):

3.100 kg/m².

Technical characteristics:

  • Usage classification (EN ISO 10874): 34, 43.
  • Residual indentation (to EN ISO 24343-1): ≤0.1 mm.
  • Flexibility: (to EN ISO 24344 Method A): Pass.
  • Abrasion resistance (to EN ISO 10582): Type 1.
  • Chemical resistance: (to EN ISO 26987): Excellent.
  • Resistance to wear (to EN 13845 Annex D): 34, 43.
  • Light stability (ISO 105-B02): 6 or better.
  • Dimensional stability (to EN ISO 23999): ≤0.25% (stability/ curling: ≤2 mm).
  • Castor chair resistance (type W; to EN ISO 4918): Pass.
  • Light reflectance value (LRV): Varies depending on colour/ finish. Consult manufacturer for details.
  • Fire resistance: Bfl-S1.
  • Formaldehyde emissions: E1.

- Slip resistance:

  • Slip classification Class ESf (Footwear), to EN 13845 Annex C: Pass.
  • DIN 51130: Extended R10.
  • EN 13893: Class DS.
  • BS 7976: >36 wet.

Consult manufacturer for full technical details.

Product Options

Colour/ Finish:

- Abstract:

  • AG0ALA21 Linear Metallic Steel.
  • AG0APT31 Patina Vapour.
  • AG0APT33 Patina Atom.

- Stone effect:

  • AG0SBS12 Basilica Salt.
  • AG0SEC30 Exposed Concrete.
  • AG0SKU31 Kura Kala.
  • AG0SKU38 Kura Caraway.
  • AG0SKU39 Kura Anise.
  • AG0SMB14 Mirabelle Creme.
  • AG0SMS33 Stria Rock.
  • AG0SMS42 Stria Volcanic.
  • AG0STE37 Tempus Pause.

- Wood effect:

  • AG0W7050 American Oak.
  • AG0W7430 Classic Oak.
  • AG0W7520 White Oak.
  • AG0W7660 Lime Washed Wood.
  • AG0W7680 White Wash Wood.
  • AG0W7710 Aged Oak.
  • AG0W7810 Dry Teak.
  • AG0W7870 Reclaimed Oak.
  • AG0W7910 Brushed Oak.
  • AG0W7980 Chateau Oak.
  • AG0W7990 Harbour Pine.
  • AG0W8040 Quill Sable.
  • AG0W8140 Nomad Oak.
  • AG0W8150 Cornish Oak
  • AG0W8170 Galleon Oak.
  • AG0W8210 Salted Oak.
  • AG0W8250 Halo Pine.
  • AG0W8260 Lunar Pine.
  • AG0W8330 Alpine Oak.
  • AG0W8370 Union Oak.
  • AG0W8400 Trace Scree.
  • AG0W8430 Toulouse Oak.
  • AG0W8440 Rotterdam Oak.
  • AG0W8450 Bordeaux Oak.


Available in a range of plank and tile sizes. Options vary with colour/ finish; consult manufacturer's literature and insert requirements.

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