ALUTRIX® self-adhesive vapour barriers are used in a wide variety of applications in the building industry. Suitable for all internal conditions, including very high humidity. Consists of a reinforced composite aluminium foil with a tenacious self-adhesive backing and removable release film. ALUTRIX® vapour barriers are quick to install and they create an airtight and vapour-tight seal.

Offers very high vapour resistance which is sufficient to accommodate extreme internal conditions such as buildings containing wet industrial processes, breweries, swimming pools, sports halls, kitchens and bathrooms etc.


  • Self-adhesive, cold applied.
  • Vapour proof.
  • Very high tear resistance.
  • Withstand foot trafficking on profiled metal decking, without puncturing.
  • Create an airtight seal, complying with Building Regulations (E&W) Approved Document L of the energy conservation regulations.
  • ALUTRIX® 600 achieves a Class 0 fire rating to BS 476-6.
  • Reduced fire load – ALUTRIX® FR has a calorific value of ≤ 10,500 kJ/m² and complies fully with fire protection requirements for reduced fire load vapour barriers, according to DIN 18234 and national regulations.
  • ALUTRIX® FR fully complies with FM Approval Standard Class No.4470

Substrate requirements:

  • Dry, sound and flat.
  • Free from dust, grease, frost and dew.
  • Without tension or blisters.
  • Smooth and clean.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_57_08_08 Bitumen sheetsPrimary


H30/261 Air and vapour control membrane

H30/30 Air and vapour control membrane

H31/261 Air and vapour control membrane

H31/45 Air and vapour control membrane

H92/780 Air and vapour control layer

J21/10 Warm deck roof coating

J21/395 Air and vapour control layer

J21/5 Warm deck roof coating

J31/330 Vapour control layer

J41/10 Built-up reinforced bitumen membrane warm deck roof covering

J41/395 Air and vapour control layer

J42/10 Warm deck roof covering

J42/110 Warm deck roof covering

J42/120 Inverted roof covering

J42/395 Air and vapour control layer

K11/115 Battened plywood floating floor

K11/125 Battened particleboard floating floor

K11/135 Battened oriented strand board floating floor

K11/145 Battened cement-bonded particleboard floating floor

K11/20 Battened particleboard floating floor

K11/215 Plywood floating floor

K11/225 Particleboard floating floor

K11/235 Oriented strand board floating floor

K11/245 Cement bonded particleboard floating floor

K11/25 Particleboard floating floor

K20/150 Battened timber board floating floor

K21/10 Wood laminate flooring

K21/110 Wood flooring

K21/111 Wood floating floor

K21/115 Wood laminate flooring

K21/120 Battened wood flooring

K21/130 Battened wood floating floor

K21/140 Battened wood laminate flooring

K21/145 Composite laminate flooring

K21/146 Laminate flooring

K21/20 Composite laminated flooring

P10/310 Air and vapour control layer

P10/60 Air and vapour control layer fixed to studs/ joists/ framing

Specification data - Bitumen sheets

Product Reference


Overall thickness: 0.6 mm.


Overall thickness: 0.4 mm.

Standard product features

Water vapour resistance BS EN ISO 12572:

4310 MNs/g.

Roll width:

1.08 m.

Tensile strength longitudinal to BS EN 29073-3/ transverse to BS EN 12311-2:

≥ 800 N / 700 N/ 5 cm.

Resistance to tearing (nail shank) longitudinal/ transverse to BS EN 12310-1

200 N.

Fire behaviour to BS EN 13501-1:

Class E.