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Aluminium Ventilation Grille 371

Aluminium floor grille with optional frame.

  • Suitable for use as floor drain cover in abattoir, cellar, garage or swimming pool. Suitable for use over underfloor wiring duct in computer room. Physical free area: 61 %.
  • Grille: 20 x 8 mm bars at 20.5 mm centres, spanning short axis. Rubber gasket for impact noise suppression. Length (maximum): 1 m.
  • Choice of frame. Lug type brackets allow frame to be cast-in. Length (maximum): 3.5 m.
  • Frame lengths can be butted. Multiple grille panels can be accommodated within frame.
  • Choice of colour.
  • Made to measure.

General information


Aluminium alloy: AlMgSi 0.5 to DIN 1748

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_93_13_51 Metal infill unitsPrimary


K41/110 Raised access floor

K41/120 Raised access floor

K41/130 Raised access floor

K46/130 Raised access floor system alterations

P31/370 Access covers/ gratings for

Q10/180 Drainage channel systems with gratings

R11/315 Floor drains

Specification data - Metal infill units

Product Reference

Aluminium Ventilation Grille 371


Single panel, to outer edge of frame (l x w), ___ x ___ mm

Single panel, rebate (l x w), ___ x ___ mm

Multiple panel within single frame, as drawing ___


1, with flangeless angle frame

Requires supporting angle or edge rebate 25 x 24 (w x h). Can sit flush with finished floor.

3, frameless

Requires suitable frame or rebate by others.

Finish (aluminium components)

Aluminium, anodized, natural

20 µ. Type E6/ C34 to DIN 17611.

Aluminium, anodized, natural

20 µ. Type E6/ C34 to DIN 17611.

Polyester powder coating, RAL colour ___, sheen ___ %

60–70 µ.

Polyester powder coating, Syntha Pulvin colour ___, sheen ___ %

60–70 µ.

Standard product features


Aluminium alloy: AlMgSi 0.5 to DIN 1748.

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