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Aluminium Paint is a solvent-based paint, designed to provide an aluminium finish for wood and metal surfaces. It is suitable for interior and exterior use and can withstand temperatures up to 260ºC.

General information
Specification data - Aluminium paints
Product Reference

Aluminium Paint

System code

M18ALM - Galvanizing

M19ALM - Galvanizing

M20ALM - Galvanizing

M23ALM - Galvanizing

M25ALM - Galvanizing

M423ALM - Aluminium

M424ALM - Aluminium

M425ALM - Aluminium

M426ALM - Aluminium

M529ALM - Polished extruded aluminium

M530ALM - Polished extruded aluminium

M531ALM - Polished extruded aluminium

M532ALM - Polished extruded aluminium

M728ALM - Galvanizing

M729ALM - Galvanizing

M774ALM - Galvanizing

M775ALM - Galvanizing

M1069ALM - Aluminium

M1070ALM - Aluminium

M1203ALM - Galvanizing

M1204ALM - Galvanizing

M1252ALM - Galvanizing

M1253ALM - Galvanizing

M1545ALM - Hot rolled steel

M1601ALM - Cold rolled steel and cast/ wrought iron

M1602ALM - Cold rolled steel and cast/ wrought iron

M1678ALM - Cold rolled steel and cast/ wrought iron

M1678ALM - Cold rolled steel and cast/ wrought iron

M1690ALM - Cold rolled steel and cast/ wrought iron

M1971ALM - Ferrous

M1972ALM - Ferrous

M2028ALM - Ferrous

M2029ALM - Ferrous

M2081ALM - Ferrous

M2197ALM - Ferrous

M2198ALM - Ferrous

M2243ALM - Ferrous

M2255ALM - Ferrous

M2256ALM - Ferrous


As drawing ___

As schedule ___

Standard product features

Severity of exposure:



Solvent based.

Sheen level:


Product Options

System code:

The preparation of the substrate, type and number of coats are determined by this code.


Refer to Dulux Trade colour schedule.

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