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Allura Wood Vinyl Tiles

For internal use, and suitable for all busy commercial and public sector locations.


Luxury vinyl floor tiles available in realistic wood and material designs, produced and designed in Europe with high-end production techniques to offer unique embossing effects.

Features and benefits:

  • Choice of three wear layers to meet usage and budget requirements.
  • Choice of design, colour, size and shape.
  • Wood designs reflect the style and format of their natural inspiration, including the size and shape of the grain and plank.
  • Fully bonded.
  • CE marked to EN 14041.


For use with Forbo Eurocol 640 Eurostar Special or Forbo Eurocol 543 Eurosafe Deco.


For internal use, and suitable for all busy commercial and public sector locations.

General information

Heterogenous PVC tile


Golden Cherry

Classic Beech

American Oak

French Oak

Light Maple

Waxed Oak

Grey Reclaimed Wood

Pink Reclaimed Wood

Green Reclaimed Wood

Black Reclaimed Wood

White Reclaimed Wood

Blue Reclaimed Wood

Silver Snakewood

Black Snakewood

White Seagrass

Oyster Seagrass

Timber Seagrass

Black Seagrass

Natural Seagrass

Ocean Tigerwood

Soft Tigerwood

Honey Elegant Oak

Forest Green Oak

Light Rustic Oak

Whitewash Elegant Oak

Black Rustic Oak

Bright Rustic Pine

Natural Rustic Pine

Frost Elegant Oak

Bleached Rustic Pine

Silver Rustic Pine

Brown Raw Timber

White Raw Timber

Grey Raw Timber

Natural Raw Timber

Anthracite Raw Timber

Grey Vintage Oak

Muted Vintage Oak

Pastel Vintage Oak

Anthracite Weathered Oak

White Weathered Oak

Natural Weathered Oak

Whitened Oak

Rustic Anthracite Oak

Light Honey Oak

Deep Country Oak




1000 mm x 150 mm

1200 mm x 200 mm

1500 mm x 280 mm

Uniclass 2015
Pr_35_57_71_68 Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tilesPrimary

M50/10 Resilient floor tiling

M50/110 Resilient floor tiling

Specification data - Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tiles
Product Reference

Allura Material

Allura Strips

Allura Wood


BS EN ISO 10582

Use class

34/43 – 0.7 mm

33/42 – 0.55 mm

Slip potential -
Slip resistance value

BS EN 13893: DS: ≥0.30, DIN 51130: R10

Pendulum test

PTV dry >50

Recycled content

0.7/ 0.55 mm: 10%


2.5 mm with 0.7 mm wear layer

2.2 mm with 0.55 mm wear layer

Available for Allura Material and Allura Wood only.

2 mm with 0.4 mm wear layer

Available for Allura Material and Allura Wood only.

Colour and pattern -
Allura Material -

Not required

Grey slate 62408DR7/ 62408DR5


Not required

Charcoal concrete 62418DR7/ 62418DR5

Nero concrete 62419DR7/ 62419DR5

Natural concrete 62512DR7/ 62512DR5

Grigio concrete 62513DR7/ 62513DR5

Charcoal concrete 62518DR7/ 62518DR5

Nero concrete 62519DR7/ 62519DR5

Natural concrete 62522DR7/ 62522DR5

Grigio concrete 62523DR7/ 62523DR5

Cool concrete dots 63434DR7/ 63434DR5

Warm concrete dots 63436DR7/ 63436DR5

Light fused concrete 63440DR7/ 63440DR5

Dark fused concrete 63444DR7/ 63444DR5

Natural concrete CI 63522DR7

Grigio concrete CI 63523DR7


Not required

Taupe sand 62485DR7/ 62485DR5

White sand 62488DR7/ 62488DR5


Not required

Light cement 63426DR7/ 63426DR5

Light cement 63427DR7/ 63427DR5

Iron cement 63428DR7/ 63428DR5

Iron cement 63429DR7/ 63429DR5

Grey cement 63430DR7/ 63430DR5

Grey cement 63431DR7/ 63431DR5

Smoke cement 63432DR7/ 63432DR5

Smoke cement 63433DR7/ 63433DR5


Not required

White marble 63450DR7/ 63450DR5

White marble 63451DR7/ 63451DR5

Grey marble 63452DR7/ 63452DR5

Grey marble 63453DR7/ 63453DR5

Black marble 63454DR7/ 63454DR5

Black marble 63455DR7/ 63455DR5

Black marble CI 63544DR7

White marble CI 63550DR7

Grey marble CI 63552DR7


Not required

Grey marbled stone 63456DR7/ 63456DR5

Black marbled stone 63458DR7/ 63458DR75

Graphite marbled stone 63466DR7/ 63466DR5

Grey stone 63468DR7/ 63468DR5

Lead stone 63470DR7/ 63470DR5

Coal stone 63472DR7/ 63472DR5


Not required

Pink coral 63474DR7/ 63474DR5

Pink coral CI 63574DR7


Not required

Burgundy 63476DR7/ 63476DR5

Burgundy CI 63576DR7


Not required

Taupe texture 63438DR7/ 63438DR5

Khaki 63478DR7/ 63478DR5

Khaki CI 63578DR7


Not required

Mist texture 62534DR7/ 62534DR5


Not required

Denim 63480DR7/ 63480DR5

Azur 63482DR7/ 63482DR5

Denim CI 63580DR7

Azur CI 63582DR7


Not required

Mustard 63484DR7/ 63484DR5

Mustard CI 63584DR7


Not required

Grey terrazzo 63486DR7/ 63486DR5

Pink terrazzo 63488DR7/ 63488DR5

Blue terrazzo 63492DR7/ 63492DR5

Grey terrazzo CI 63586DR7

Pink terrazzo CI 63588DR7

Blue terrazzo CI 63592DR7


Not required

Graphite weave 63604DR7/ 63604DR5


Not required

Silver metal brush 63624DR7/ 63624DR5

Silver stream 63776DR7/ 63776DR5


Not required

Nickel metal brush 63625DR7/ 63625DR5

Allura Strips

Not required

Iron 63505DR7ST

Bronze 63501DR7ST

Silver 63507DR7ST

Gold 63503DR7ST

Allura Wood -

Not required

Classic beech 60026DR7/ 60026DR5


Not required

Waxed oak HP 60055DR7/ 60055DR5

Waxed oak 60063DR7/ 60063DR5

Whitewash elegant oak 60064DR7/ 60064DR5

Honey elegant oak 60065DR7/ 60065DR5

Black rustic oak 60074DR7/ 60074DR5

Light rustic oak 60078DR7/ 60078DR5

Anthracite weathered oak 60185DR7/ 60185DR5

Natural weathered oak 60187DR7/ 60187DR5

Grey giant oak 60280DR7/ 60280DR5

Natural giant oak 60284DR7/ 60284DR5

White giant oak 60286DR7/ 60286DR5

Steamed oak 60293DR7/ 60293DR5

Pure oak 60295DR7/ 60295DR5

Central oak 60300DR7/ 60300DR5

Whitened oak 60301DR7/ 60301DR5

Deep country oak 60302DR7/ 60302DR5

Light honey oak 60305DR7/ 60302DR5

Rustic anthracite oak 60306DR7/ 60306DR5

White autumn oak 60350DR7/ 60350DR5

White autumn oak HP 60351DR7/ 60351DR5

Classic autumn oak 60353DR7/ 60353DR5

Classic autumn oak HP 60354DR7/ 60354DR5

Grey autumn oak 60356DR7/ 60356DR5

Grey autumn oak HP 60357DR7/ 60357DR5

Natural collage oak 60374DR7/ 60374DR5

Grey collage oak 60375DR7/ 60375DR5

Chocolate collage oak 60376DR7/ 60376DR5

Charcoal solid oak 60387DR7/ 60387DR5

Charcoal solid oak HP 60389DR7/ 60389DR5

Petrified oak 63418DR7/ 63418DR5

Burned oak 63420DR7/ 63420DR5

Bronzed oak 63422DR7/ 63422DR5

Grey waxed oak 63496DR7/ 63496DR5

Grey waxed oak HP 63497DR7/ 63497DR5


Not required

Brown raw timber 60150DR7/ 60150DR5

White raw timber 60151DR7/ 60151DR5

Grey raw timber 60152DR7/ 60152DR5

Bleached timber 63406DR7/ 63406DR5

Bleached timber 63407DR7/ 63407DR5

Greywashed timber 63408DR7/ 63408DR5

Greywashed timber 63409DR7/ 63409DR5

Hazelnut timber 63410DR7/ 63410DR5

Hazelnut timber 63411DR7/ 63411DR5

Blond timber 63412DR7/ 63412DR5

Blond timber 63413DR7/ 63413DR5

Classic timber 63414DR7/ 63414DR5

Light timber 63416DR7/ 63414DR5


Not required

Natural rustic pine 60082DR7/ 60082DR5

Bleached rustic pine 60084DR7/ 60084DR5

Weathered rustic pine 60085DR7/ 60085DR5

Graphic wood

Not required

Dark graphic wood 63516DR7/ 63516DR5

Light graphic wood 63517DR7/ 63517DR5


Not required

Oyster seagrass 61253DR7/ 61253DR5

Natural seagrass 61255DR7/ 61255DR5


Not required

Dark vintage gym floor 63510DR7/ 63510DR5

Light vintage gym floor 63511DR7/ 63511DR5


0.7 mm: 3600 g/m²

0.55 mm: 3150 g/m²

0.4 mm: 2850 g/m²

Reaction to fire (to BS EN 13501)


Electrical resistance (to BS EN 1815)

≤ 2.0 kV

Impact sound reduction

6 dB

Lightfastness (to ISO 105-B02)

≥ 6

Dimensional stability (to BS EN ISO 23999)

≤ 0.05%

Chemical resistance (to EN-ISO 26987)

Very good

Thermal conductivity (to BS EN 12524)

0.25 W/m·K

Standard product features


Allura Material: 64 designs available; Allura Strips: four colours available; Allura Wood: 58 designs available.


Fully bonded.


Embossed PU.






Allura Material: 500 x 500 mm, 1000 x 1000 mm; Allura Strips: 5 x 1000 mm ; Allura Wood: 500 x 150 mm, 900 x 150 mm, 1000 x 150 mm, 1200 x 200 mm, 1500 x 150 mm, 1500 x 280 mm, 1800 x 320 mm.

Warranty description:

Ten-year warranty.


Via Forbo's 'Back to the Floor' scheme.

Embodied carbon:

0.7 mm: cradle to gate: 9.67 Kg CO2 – Eq; 0.55 mm: cradle to gate: 8.13 Kg CO2 – Eq; 0.4 mm: not evaluated.

Red-listed materials:


Country of origin:


Environmental information
Embodied carbon

0.7 mm: cradle to gate: 9.67 Kg CO2 – Eq; 0.55 mm: cradle to gate: 8.13 Kg CO2 – Eq; 0.4 mm: not evaluated


Via Forbo's 'Back to the Floor' scheme

Recycled content

0.7/ 0.55 mm: 10%

Digital objects
PlatformCompatibleVersionCertified to
Revit 2017 1 1.3
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