Aerofil® 1

A low density, compressible, closed cell polyethylene filler primarily designed for structural expansion joints in concrete, brickwork and blockwork. The boards can also be used for forming isolation joints for machine bases or similar applications. The closed cell construction also prevents moisture absorption.

The filler can also be used on internal finishes as a gap filler or backing filler to walls, pipes, kitchen and sanitaryware before sealing with a surface sealant.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_90_87_27 Expanded polyethylene (PE) foam stripsPrimary


F30/610 Movement joints with sealant

F30/76 Movement joints with sealant

N13/580 Sealant for pointing

N13/68 Sealant for pointing

Specification data - Expanded polyethylene (PE) foam strips

Product Reference

Aerofil® 1


10 mm

20 mm

25 mm

Standard product features


Sheet size: 800 x 2000 mm.

Cut sizes available:

  • 10 mm thick x 75 mm, 100 mm, 140 mm and 200 mm widths.
  • 20 mm thick x 100 mm and 200 mm widths.
  • 25 mm thick x 150 mm width.

Ancillary products:

Pak Adhesive™: A contact adhesive designed for gluing Aerofil® 1 to smooth concrete, steel, brick and other substrates. Supplied in cans for brush application.

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