Adprufe® 100

A new generation liquid admixture for integrally waterproofed concrete structures such as basements, water retaining structures, swimming pools, tunnels and lift pits.

Adprufe® 100 can be used in all types of Portland Cements, including sulphate resisting cements, concretes containing pulverised fuel ash (pfa), ground granulated blast furnace slag (ggbfs) and microsilica. For use with more specialist cements contact GCP Applied Technologies.

As a highly active liquid formulation, Adprufe 100 requires an extremely low dosage, normally in the range of 2.5 litres/m³ of concrete. Adprufe reduces drying shrinkage and permeability of concrete, transport of aggressive ions in solution, improves workability, compaction, strength and surface finishes. The system is compatible with all types of cementitious binders, contains no expansive agents and is a clean, low-odour non-hazardous material.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_31_03_98 Water-retaining concrete admixturesPrimary


E10/105 Designated concrete

E10/132 Designed concrete

E10/20 Designated concrete

E10/418 Proprietary admixture

Specification data - Water-retaining concrete admixtures

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Adprufe® 100

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