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ACS G-Tray™ A1 Non Combustible Cavity Tray

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ACS Stainless Steel Fixings Ltd Third party certifications:
  • BBA Agrément Certificate

    BBA Agrément Certificate

    Certificate type

A1 non-combustible stainless steel cavity tray system.

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Cavity tray applications. Designed to suit all brickwork sizes (102.5 mm as standard).


A stainless steel cavity tray made from non-combustible material. This satisfies the latest regulations regarding fire safety and overcomes the problems that alternative products manufactured from combustible material pose.

The system is produced in-house from stainless steel sheet and provides a barrier to aid the passage of water from the internal structure/ cavity of the building to the exterior leaf.

Composed of two components:

  • GT2 – This is a single sloping planar metal sheet which acts to dissipate moisture away from the inner leaf of the cavity wall. Its shape ensures water flows from the cavity towards the horizontal GT1 component embedded in the outer leaf of masonry. To aid the stability of the product, the upstand section is fixed to the internal leaf.
  • GT1 – This is a single planar horizontal metal sheet with an angled upstand to the rear embedded into fresh mortar of the external masonry. This section collects water from the above mentioned GT2 section and drains it through the weep holes in the external masonry. The upward lip which is placed in the cavity space serves to prevent moisture from returning into the cavity.

Features and benefits:

  • BBA Certified - Certificate 21/5950
  • A1 Non-Combustible: Conforms to BS EN 13501-1:2018
  • Austenitic Stainless Steel: Grade 304 (1.4301), 316 (1.4404)
  • Joints Tested at BBA: Single and Double-Sided Butyl Tape.
  • Meets the requirements of NHBC Technical Specification.

General information






Stainless steel


1200 mm

Guidance for specification option:

Standard straight length is 1200mm long

Warranty description


Manufacturer guidance

BBA Certificate states that trays will 'remain effective for the lifetime of the building in which they are installed'.


Pr_25_57_21_66 Preformed cavity traysPrimary


F30/370 Preformed cavity trays

F30/56 Preformed cavity trays

Specification data - Preformed cavity trays

Third party certification

BBA Certificate 21/5950.


Stainless steel, 1.4301 (304) grade.

Stainless steel, 1.4307 (304L) grade.

Stainles steel, 1.4401 (316) grade.

Guidance for specification option:


To fit cavity width


Manufacturer guidance

Cavity widths accommodated: 81–300 mm (as standard). Other widths available on request.



Manufacturer guidance

Bespoke to suit requirements.

Length (effective)


Manufacturer guidance

Bespoke to suit requirements.


LGT (Lintel G-Tray).

Guidance for specification option:

ACS cavity tray over openings. A variation of the GT2 element of the G-Tray™ design.

External corners.

Internal corners.

Stop ends.

Brickwork reveal.

Stainless steel tek scews/

Fisher Duopwer 8.


Joint Overlap: 150 mm (minimum).

Jointing tape

Double-sided Butyl tape.

Single-sided Butyl tape.

Sustainability data

Contains Red List materials


Country of product manufacture

United Kingdom


Fully recyclable

Recycled content

As defined in clause 7.8 of BS EN ISO 14021

90 %

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NBS BIM Object Standard

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Platform Compatible Version




Third party certifications

BBA Agrément Certificate

BBA Agrément Certificate



G-Tray Installation Guide

G-Tray Installation Guide

ACS G-Tray Data Sheet

ACS G-Tray Data Sheet

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