ACR 300™

Dryvit ACR systems are a range of 100% acrylic polymer based anti-crack renders designed to out-perform the shrinkage and cracking characteristics of traditional renders. The range offers a variety of coloured and textured coating options providing various levels of protection when used in the different component combinations. Dryvit ACR systems are generally installed over a Dryvit polymer modified re-profiling mortar where levelling is required, on to exterior concrete, brickwork, blockwork, plastered or painted surfaces in new build or refurbishment projects. Commonly applied over timber or steel framed substrates incorporating an approved sheathing and breather membrane in new build residential and low-rise commercial projects.


  • Crack resistance. Location and frequency of movement joints is greatly reduced or even eliminated compared with that of traditional renders due to the high performance crack resistance of our systems.
  • Weatherability. Dryvit systems are formulated to provide the utmost in weather protection providing a resilient barrier against wind and water.
  • Durability. The combination of system components provides unsurpassed long-term durability meeting design requirements for use in virtually any location.
  • Aesthetics. Dryvit finishes are available in a wide array of textures in both standard and custom colours. The speciality finishes enable designers to replicate a variety of real stone or brick finishes from limestone to granite at a fraction of the cost.
  • Testing. Independently certified by BBA and other international test bodies. Dryvit manufacturing plants are ISO 9001: 2000 certified, demonstrating the highest standards of quality and consistency.

General information



Acrylic textured finish.


Silicone based technology textured finish.


Acrylic textured finish.

Uniclass 2015

Ss_25_45_70_55 Multicoat render systemsPrimary


M20/160 Proprietary cement gauged render

M20/19 Proprietary render

M20/5 Cement:sand (air entrained)

Specification data - Multicoat render systems

Product Reference

ACR 300™



Acrylic textured finish.


Silicone based technology textured finish.


Acrylic textured finish.



PMRB finish.


HDP finish.

Quarzputz 2 mm aggregate

FDPMR, HDP and PMRB finishes.

Sandblast 1 mm aggregate

PMRB finish.

Sandpebble 1.5 mm aggregate

FDPMR, HDP and PMRB finishes.

Sandpebble fine 1 mm aggregate

FDPMR, HDP and PMRB finishes.



Base coat

Ten standard colours and many custom colours are available, consult manufacturer for details.


Refer to standard colour range for details and insert requirements.


Not required

Bellcast bead

Corner bead

Dryvit detail mesh

Applied diagonally to corners of openings between passes of Stucco Build.External corner bead.

Expansion joint

To align with structural movement joints.

Feature beads

Stop bead

Standard product features

Re-profiling mortar:

Stucco Build™, thickness: 4–6 mm (excluding dubbing out and keys).

Base coat and reinforcement coat:

NCB tinted to compatible finish colour and Standard mesh. Thickness: 2–3 mm.

Beads/ Trims:

Dryvit Aluminium Starter Track to thickness of insulation mechanically fixed with suitable hammer head or self-tapping fixings to base of system.

Product Options


Consult with Dryvit for details of preparation to suit project substrate. Use fungicidal wash by system manufacturer. If required, specify in 'Structural substrate' clause.


  • FDPMR: Premixed 100% acrylic finish containing DPR and PMR technology as well as a film forming accelerator for improved resistance to wash off.
  • HDP: Proprietary, silicone based technology textured finish which promotes hydrophobicity enhancing reduced dirt pick up properties.
  • PMRB: Aggregate textured 100% acrylic-based proven mildew (PMR) and dirt pick resistance (DPR) finish.


  • Dryvit drainage strip.
  • Expansion/ movement joints: Will be required to reflect such joints in the existing wall plus any movement joints to reduce the risk of cracking in the render finish. Consult with Dryvit for recommendations for type and location.

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