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  • Commercial cinemas.
  • Multiplex cinemas.
  • Recording and broadcast studios.
  • Music practice rooms.
  • Theatres and concert halls.


Acoustic floating floor system, designed for commercial cinemas.

Features and benefits:

  • Suffers no compromises from low mass or high stiffness isolators to achieve the highest ratio of acoustic isolation performance to price in the CineFLOOR range.
  • Can be designed with a fully fibre reinforced concrete to allow easy seat installation without the risk of hitting the rebar.
  • Easy to install, with no operational maintenance required.
  • Self-compacting concrete can also be used to ensure high flatness tolerance is achieved to allow vinyl or carpet to be laid directly on top of it.
  • Part of a range of acoustic floating floor solutions for auditoriums of all shapes and sizes.
  • Provides complete flexibility in terms of dynamic stiffness and damping.
  • Warranty: Up to 25 years.


  • Commercial cinemas.
  • Multiplex cinemas.
  • Recording and broadcast studios.
  • Music practice rooms.
  • Theatres and concert halls.


  • 100 mm-thick, in-situ concrete slab/ screed containing mesh or fibre reinforcement (contractor-supplied).
  • Single layer of 500 grade damp proof membrane (DPM) (contractor-supplied).
  • Single layer of 15 mm-thick plywood (contractor-supplied).
  • Farrat CineFLOOR PRO isolators, 50 mm-thick.
  • Farrat CineFLOOR PRO perimeter isolation strip, 20 mm-thick.
  • Structural slab, existing or contractor-supplied.

Test/ assessment standards:

- Acoustic:

Based on 140 mm structural slab, no ceiling.

  • Acoustic (airborne): ISO 10140-1,2,4: 2020; ISO 717-1: 2013.
  • Acoustic (impact): ISO 10140-1,3: 2010; ISO 717-2: 2013.

- Fire:

EN 1994-1-2: 2010, based on 160 mm MD05-V3 Composite Deck in a multi-span configuration.

General information
Specification data
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Acoustic Floating Floor System - Farrat CineFLOOR PRO

Standard product features


- CineFLOOR PRO floor isolators:

  • Product code: 2CF-P-01.
  • Size: 600 mm cross centres.
  • Installation: Allow 3.4 isolators per m² (floor area), plus 0.2 isolators per m² for non-rectangular shapes.

- CineFLOOR PRO perimeter isolation strips:

  • Product code: 2CF-P-02.
  • Length: 2000 mm.
  • Installation: Allow 0.5 strips per meter of perimeter, including penetrations, plus 10% for off-cuts etc.

Floor finish:



165 mm.


2.5 kN/m².

Natural frequency (ƒn):

  • At operating load: 9 Hz.
  • At dead load: 11 Hz.

Live load:

5 kN/m².

Point load:

5 kN (minimum 1000 mm centres). Load capacities subject to slab design.

Air gap:

50 mm.


Consult manufacturer's literature for detailed sound reduction index values.

  • Weighted sound reduction index (Rw): 75 dB.
  • Impact sound reduction (ΔLw): 36 dB.

Fire resistance duration:

90 minutes.