ACO Triplex Grey Water Anti-flood Valves

In-line passive (manual emergency control) anti-flood valve for underground pipelines discharging grey water (not containing faecal matter). Tough, corrosion resistant polypropylene body contains two gravity closure valves, one of which can be operated manually in an emergency. Conforms to BS EN 13564, Type 2.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_65_54_24_04 Anti-flood valvesPrimary


R12/355 Antiflood valves

Specification data - Anti-flood valves

Product Reference

Triplex anti-flood valve


110 mm

160 mm

Contractor's choice

ACO installation chamber

Not required


Product Options


110 or 160 mm diameter inlet/ outlet connections.

Installation chamber:

ACO corrosion resistant polypropylene telescopic installation chamber, with reversible lockable plastic cover to BS EN 1253, Load class K3 (pedestrian).

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