ACO SuDS Swale Inlet

Sustainable drainage system inlet.


  • Provides a natural looking interface, complementing the surrounding environment.
  • Flared outlet encourages water dispersion and reduces excessive flow velocities; this product will reduce the velocity and distribute the flow across a footprint up to six times that of a traditionally constructed pipe outfall.
  • Reduces the risk of localized flooding and erosion, and eases the pressure on the drainage network.
  • Highly durable; will not deteriorate when in service.
  • Allows virtually no water absorption, giving protection against frost and freeze-thaw cycles.
  • Easier identification of blockages.
  • Minimal maintenance required.
  • Can be integrated into any SuDS drainage scheme.
  • Manufactured from sustainable, robust materials.
  • Links proprietary conveyance drainage systems to vegetated infiltration features such as swales, basins, ponds and water courses.
  • Encourages plant growth and provides increased amenity and biodiversity to the surrounding environment.
  • Cost effective alternative to traditional in situ structures.
  • 1 in 3 gradient profile design satisfies CIRIA C697 and can be used in construction of swales.

Suitable for landscaped areas, including schools and playing fields, and highway environments.

Meets the flow rate guidance in CIRIA C697, and can reduce the erosion rate to a quarter of that of a standard pipe in accordance with CIRIA R116.

General information




Consult manufacturer and insert requirements.


Vienite® – ACO’s high strength sustainable polymer concrete

Specification data

Product Reference

SuDS Swale Inlet - Black, 27113

SuDS Swale Inlet - Grey, 27112

SuDS Swale Inlet - Natural, 27111




Consult manufacturer and insert requirements.


Not required

Anchor kit

Grating kit

Stainless steel. For applications which require a greater degree of protection. Applied to the upper inlet area.

Standard product features


Vienite® – ACO’s high strength sustainable polymer concrete.

Size (l x w x d):

1150 x 580 x 365 mm.

Product Options


Consult manufacturer's literature for information on compatible accessories to suit each channel type, and insert product reference.

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