ACO Stainless Steel Kerb

Suitable for any food processing area.


Reliable wall protection that prevents walls from impacts, water or chemical ingress, or other damages associated with traffic and production process.

It is a custom-made solution that can be designed to any building layout, either as a refurbishment, or preinstalled part of later built partition wall. It t is constructed from 1.5–2 mm thick plate of stainless steel, which is then welded on site to ensure integrity of the whole kerb system. It is filled withconcrete, which makes it a very durable solution resilient to the strongest impacts. Hygienic design is applied along the whole kerb construction, creating smooth corners which are easier to clean.


  • Straight units.
  • Outside corner L.
  • Outside corner R.
  • Inner corners.

Features and benefits:

  • Protects walls from impacts caused by machinery or other transport systems.
  • Eliminates water ingress into the wall and leakage into other processing areas.
  • Curved design prevents accumulation of soils and allows easy cleaning.
  • Fully welded joints.


Suitable for any food processing area.

General information


1.5–2 mm thick stainless steel filled with concrete

Uniclass 2015

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P20/170 Proprietary

P20/30 Proprietary

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ACO Stainless Steel Kerb

Standard product features


1.5–2 mm thick stainless steel filled with concrete.

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