ACO QuadraCeptor

Four-stage rainwater and surface water treatment unit and runoff filtration system. Removes sediment and harmful pollutants from water. Supplied in a plastic housing single unit.


  • Efficient and reliable system for the treatment of surface water run-off from roofs, car parks and roads – even in heavily trafficked areas – before discharge into the ground or to a surface water feature.
  • Designed to remove heavy particles, silt, nutrients, and dissolved materials (such as heavy metals) from surface water as part of an integrated sustainable drainage solution, ensuring pollutants are not infiltrated into soil.
  • Affordable, long-term and sustainable.
  • Upflow filtration process results in minimal head loss between the inlet and outlet.
  • Four stages are used to filter water: sedimentation, filtration, adsorption and precipitation.
  • Filter elements can be cleaned and exchanged easily, with minimal maintenance required.
  • Standalone unit which is easy to install.

The initial treatment steps take place in the hydrodynamic separator stage, where sedimentation of solid particles occurs. To prevent remobilization, settled material passes through a funnel trap into the silt chamber at the base of the unit. Secondary treatment of raw water occurs via a suite of filters located above the separator unit. These filtration units cover the entire diameter of the unit’s housing. As water flows upwards through the removable filter elements, the filtration media is kept saturated. Such saturation maximizes filter efficiency by minimizing the rate at which filter units clog.

Cover and frame are manufactured in accordance with BS EN 124.

General information


High density polyethylene

Uniclass 2015

Pr_65_52_24_26 Filtration drainage channelsPrimary


R12/327 Rainwater filter and collector units

Specification data - Filtration drainage channels

Product Reference

QuadraCeptor R1000 (Roof), 26650

For roof areas without a significant proportion (<5%) of uncoated metals.

QuadraCeptor T750 (Traffic), 26651

For trafficked areas with normal pollutant levels, such as car parks and side streets.

QuadraCeptor HT500 (Heavy traffic), 26652

For areas such as main highways and supermarket car parks with high vehicle turnover.

Replaceable filter


Supplied to match unit type. Set of four provided. Insert product reference.

Not required

Standard product features


High density polyethylene.

Overall size (h x diameter):

1955 x 980 mm.

Drainage capacity:

  • QuadraCeptor R1000 (Roof), 26650: 1000 m².
  • QuadraCeptor T750 (Traffic), 26651: 750 m ².
  • QuadraCeptor HT500 (Heavy traffic), 26652: 500 m².